Biden to workers: learn to code or drop dead

Depressed feeling of job losing and unemployment

Sleepy Joe is killing America’s oil workers, but it doesn’t stop there…


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Biden to workers: learn to code or drop dead

By James H. Hyde, special to Daily Liberty News

After delivering his inaugural address, it took Biden a matter of minutes to pick up a pen, grab a leather bound executive order, scribble his name on a page and knock 11,000 people out of work.

He had just stuck a shiv in the much coveted Keystone XL Pipeline. It was the shining star in America’s energy independence.

It would have ensured that the U.S. would remain the net oil exporter Trump had made it. But, by killing the pipeline Biden destroyed more than jobs.

He’s destroyed lives.

He destroyed the lives of those who, without any warning, suddenly find themselves facing the sting of unemployment with no available jobs requiring their skillset.

Biden once said of energy sector workers that their jobs would be cut, and they should learn how to “code,” a reference to computer programming. Stupid and ignorant.

As a coder myself, I can tell you that it takes a certain mindset to tell computers what to do.

Some people are wizzes at math, at history, at biology, but that doesn’t mean they can teach a computer to do anything more than display the message, “Hello World.”

Subsequent to his initial frenzy to kill Trump policies, more Biden Executive Orders further throttled America’s energy independence, and has us once again wondering if we’ll be doing the cosy with the Saudis and OPEC, and Venezuela.

And the untimely demise of the pipeline did more than infuriate highly paid energy workers.

It seriously annoyed Canada, one of our biggest trading partners. That country is now considering increasing tariffs on U.S. goods in retaliation. I don’t blame them.

Worse, Canada will now consider rerouting the pipeline to provide oil to China.

That’s not helpful to our national security interests, and Biden knows it. But then he’s soft on China. Just ask Hunter.

This catastrophic policy decision makes Biden look worse than demented. It makes him a myopic dwarf.

The starry-eyed notion that we are close to the major implementation of solar and wind energy is a canard perpetrated by the left, which hates oil as much as vegans hate steak.

To say this is misguided policy is analogous to saying Hitler wasn’t really that bad.

There’s not anywhere enough derogatory feedback that amply demonstrates the damage this does to our energy sector and national security.

Added to the 11,000 now ghosted jobs will be more carnage in an economy that is literally on the brink. 

It will squelch an unknown number of satellite jobs. They would have sprouted to provide goods and services to those building the oil artery as it progressed from Canada to Texas.

But for those 11,000 well-paid workers, there was even greater insult to come as a member of the Biden administration stepped on a flaming bag of dog scat during a press conference.

Entering from stage left came a pale and skeletal-looking John Kerry, another Obama retread the country doesn’t need. He’s not even a member of the cabinet.

The czars are back, and he’s the energy czar, and he’s drinking AOC’s Kool Ade. Swell.

When questioned about the lost jobs, Kerry seemed nonplussed by such a question.

He went on a mini-rant and claimed that the workers now facing joblessness had made “bad choices” by choosing to keep their high-paying jobs.

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Joe Biden. Image credit: Gage Skidmore

He claims that they should have had the foresight to seek jobs in the green sector as solar-or wind-generator technicians.

The skills required between black and green are entirely different.

This goes way beyond adding salt to the wounds.

But we’re not done yet.

With Kerry came Obama spit back Gina McCarthy, former EPA administrator who, under Obama, relished making companies’ and peoples’ lives miserable.

Just knowing that she’s back makes me gag.

She’s the new climate czar who is going to usher us into the Land of Oz, where there’s lush greenery and electric cars sailing along the Yellow Brick Road. Hogwash.


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I live in the Northeast where wind power has been a dismal failure, and solar hasn’t been a whole lot better, especially during the winter.

The skies are gray here about 85% of the time. That’s why antidepressant sales skyrocket from September through March.

And driving into once Tony towns where the greenery was expansive and alive with flowers.

Fields full of dozens and dozens of solar panels have destroyed the bucolic aspects of those towns.

I wonder if Biden is getting his environmental advice from Bill Nye the Science Guy, a mechanical engineer, “science communicator” and TV personality.

He claims vast knowledge about climate change, but has no training or education to prove that boast, as Tucker Carlson pointedly challenged him on his show one night.

So great.

Biden is relying on Kerry, McCarthy and AOC, the Three Stooges who, with Biden, will regret this policy apostasy when the cows come home to roost.