Doug Mackey and the First Amendment—the newest victims of the Extreme Left

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Conservatives are punished for it, but Liberals get to openly abuse it?


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Doug Mackey and the First Amendment—the newest victims of the Extreme Left

By Tim Worstall, special to Daily Liberty News

The Feds are trying to jail Doug Mackey for a decade for exercising his First Amendment rights.

Doug Mackey is being labeled an “extremist”, a right wing whack job. But he’s a man who was arrested for exercising his right of free speech. As Huffpost puts it:

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They say he has a bigger influence on the 2016 election than NBC News.


We know that Mackey has something to say by simply looking at those who are trying to shut him up.

As you see from his enemies, he said the wrong thing.

The wrong thing according to the Feds, that is.

Which is rather the point of that First Amendment, that we get to say even things the Feds don’t like and they can’t stop us. Exactly why they don’t like the First Amendment of course.

What Mackey, aka Ricky Vaughn, actually did was tell people to vote by text. He went on to his Twitter account, hashed up a few pictures, then said that you could vote for this candidate by texting to a particular number.

It’s not exactly a trial of genius to work out that he was suggesting they vote for Hillary, the Hildebeast, this way. Hopefully wasting a few precious Hillary votes.

Or maybe he was just making fun. Who knows.

So they arrest him.

A week after Joe Biden comes into power.

Doesn’t this tell us quite a lot about the politicisation of the justice system under Joe Biden?

This is back to the horrific Clinton values,…

…where the FBI, the deep state itself, is used to oppress political enemies.

The same thing that Mackey supposedly did — was done by people on the left. But aimed at Trump voters – and the Extreme Left people who told Trump voters to “vote by text” aren’t being arrested.

In one sense this is just a joke and satire always has been even more protected than just regular speech.

In another it’s good housekeeping. The sort of mouthbreathers who think that you can vote by text are too dumb to be picking our next leader, right?

But that’s not the way the FBI and prosecution are playing it.

Instead they’ve dragged in an old law from 1909. This was anti-Klan stuff aimed right at Democrats of course. Because the Klan were all Democrats back then as was the South.

The idea was that anyone who stopped another from voting was committing a crime. Which seems fair enough if it’s burning a cross in front of the voting station. Or blowing up a church, burying someone in a levee for getting out the vote – all things Democrats in the Klan did do later on.

The law goes wider. Anyone who stops another from exercising their own rights is committing a crime. Further than that:

“….injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person … in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right.”

So, the stretch here is that by suggesting folks vote by text, Mackey removed their right to vote.

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Image credit: Ed Uthman

But Mackey was hardly yelling Fire in a crowded theater. I’m not sure he was even serious.

This law has always had its problems with the First Amendment. Because we do get to say what we want and that’s right there in that Bill of Rights. Government just isn’t allowed to limit free speech that way.

But we don’t know which way the courts are going to go on it. But then that’s not the point, is it?

The point is…

Punish and discourage conservatives so they shut the F up.

Think about this, if you were Mr. Mackey right now.

Having to defend yourself, hire a lawyer, spend all that time in court, be locked up…

…that is punishment.

In one sense conviction isn’t even the aim. Let’s just make life shitty for our political enemies, job done. Make it expensive, set an example for others.

The cost, in both money and time, of fighting this sort of case through to a court can be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

More than that, there’s the political selectivity over who gets charged.

Back when she was California’s Attorney General our new VP, Ms. Roundheels, tried to stop Exxon from exercising its free speech rights.

By threatening and intimidating Exxon — trying to discourage those who donate to groups outside the liberal consensus on climate change.

That ain’t gonna get added to a charge sheet in this new Biden administration, is it? Even when it’s exactly the same legal situation as Mackey… acting to deprive of constitutional rights….

They selectively go after conservatives.

But the law is supposed to apply the same to everyone.

If it only applies to those on the Extreme Left, then we’re not a free republic any more.

A few days back I pointed out that knowing the details of the rules is how we fight back.

That’s how Wallstreetbets transferred $20 billion to themselves from Wall Street over GameStop. So, we need to know the details here.


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There’s another law, ( 42 U.S.C. Sec. 1985 ) which allows civil actions for this same intimidation, oppression, against the exercise of rights. So Mr. Mackey can sue the government.

And also, that means we don’t need the FBI, the attorney generals, we can do it ourselves. Find a lawyer and sue to get back at them.

Sure, we can’t go after Roundheels while she’s in office. But what about Forbes Magazine?

Back last week the editor there – not Steve Forbes, he’s the figurehead these days, no more – insisted that any company that hired Trump administration officials would be investigated by the magazine. 

That’s denying employment on the basis of political speech. That’s sure as hell an attempt to do that. Let’s get Forbes into trouble, shall we? But of course, being on the Extreme Left, they are fully protected. Nobody is going to go after Forbes.

This is what I mean about knowing the details. The same laws they’re using against us can be turned around. A friendly lawyer and a bit of crowdfunding and we get to go after them.