GameStop’s the most financial fun we can have with our clothes on


Reddit’s clever gameplay shows us how to strike out the Extreme Left…


Rare warning from Harvard for men considering testosterone therapy

If you’re a man with low testosterone…

Or just a man considering testosterone therapy…

Then you should pay attention to this rare warning from Harvard Medical School.

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Harvard says, “Because of the marketing, men have been flooded with information about the potential benefit of fixing low testosterone, but not with the potential costs.”

Big Pharma loves to tell men about how testosterone therapy can change their lives…

But you never hear about the men who end up having heart attacks…

Or the men who grow man-boobs when all that extra testosterone converts to estrogen…

Or the men who develop prostate cancer…

Unfortunately, testosterone therapy is just 1 of the mistakes men are making with their T…

Here are the 5 testosterone mistakes that are castrating men — be especially careful of mistake #3


GameStop’s the most financial fun we can have with our clothes on

By Tim Worstall, special to Daily Liberty News

GameStop is a brick and mortar computer games seller that was bad news for years.

Everyone’s ordering online — why bother going into a mall to buy a game?

And of course, Covid was the coup de gras.

They’ve been losing business, market share and money for years. This led to a lot of people selling their stock short.

That means they borrow shares, sell them, and then hopefully when the share price falls, they buy the shares back and make a tidy profit.

Don’t worry about the details — it’s a bit complicated. Point is, if you short a stock, your losses can be unlimited if the price goes UP and not DOWN.

Sell it now to buy it back at a lower price. Lots and lots of this happened – people had sold more than 100% of the company. Yeah, looks strange but it happens sometimes. Yes, it’s legal. Yes, it’s crazy and stupid.

And the giant hedge funds were (and are) short MANY stocks, such as GameStop.

But the Reddit “little guys” are winning…

A subreddit (a section of the website Reddit)  called “wallstreetbets” decided to take on the financial markets. They won.

Yep, a wild – and it is wild – corner of Reddit took on Wall Street and won. They did so by knowing the rules, the details of the rules. Once we know that we can apply the pressure at exactly the right point.

This is the lesson to take from the story that’s across every business page in the country right now. It’s like judo, having the knowledge to turn your opponents efforts to your own advantage.

Here’s the thing.

If more than 100% of the stock is sold short then any price rise creates a feedback loop.

Jim Bob sold short at $10 a share. He doesn’t own the stock at all, not even before he sold. It goes down to $9, he buys it. Now he doesn’t own any, doesn’t owe any and he’s got a $1. That’s just what going short is.

But if it goes to $11 then Jim Bob has to buy at $11 to deliver what he promised when he sold. He’s out a $1. That’s going short wrong.

Sure, it’s just gambling and it’s all entirely legal.

Now think of big Wall Street Hedge funds doing it by the millions. So much that they’ve sold more than 100% of the company. More than all the stocks in existence.

They sold at $10 and what if redditors then buy? Push the price up to $11? Then Wall Street loses and redditors gain.

Now do this again and again so that the price really rises. Those hedge funds have to go and buy stock they sold. But they sold more stock than there is. So they can’t, just cannot, buy enough to close out.

So they try, the price goes up, they have to try harder, the price goes up again.

Which is why the GameStop price has gone from $20 to $450 in ten days.

This isn’t about stocks.

For us this isn’t about investments or Wall Street. That’s just an example of the bigger point. If we study the details then we can win.

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New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street, NY, United States. Image credit: Carlos Delgado

Here the detail is that if those hedge funds have sold more than 100% then they can be put over a barrel and whacked on the butt real, real, hard. Current estimates are that they’ve lost about $20 billion.

Yep, that’s with a b, billion.

It’s a straight transfer from those Wall Street hedge funds to the little guys at Reddit. Pretty cool. And it’s all by spotting that detail, more than the 100%.

It works in politics.

Ms. Occasional Cortex didn’t join Congress the Andy Rooney Way.

It wasn’t “Hey, let’s put on a show. Right here. In the barn!”

There was a lot of thought that went into how she was going to get there and where from. Sure, the modern Bronx and Queens are going to elect someone pretty Marxist, if given the choice.

The purple hair and the nose rings of the new inhabitants – the women are worse – are going to do that if given the chance.

But it was knowing the rules which gave them the chance. No one not in the Democratic Party is going to win there. So, the real battle is the primary. And the real, real, battle is to be able to register for that primary.

Know those rules and it’s possible to win.

Which is the point here. Modern society is riddled with rules. So, we should go learn them then use them to win.

For example, Twitter has rules against calling for people to be killed. Plenty of Marxists out there who will shout “Kill the Rich!”. So, report them.


32-second ritual cures back pain (do this tonight)

Millions of Americans suffer from nagging low back pain…

And finally we now understand why…

This muscle can be the #1 cause of all your nagging low back pain

So how do you stretch this muscle and relieve your lower back pain?

This 900 year old ritual ‘cures’ low back pain in as little as 32 seconds

A top doctor from Philadelphia has created this short video to show you exactly how…

With a simple 32 second ritual that can relieve your back pain in less than one minute.

I know that’s a big promise…

But it’s worked again and again for this doctor’s patients.

Including Matt J, who “after 1 day of using the ritual, I woke up the next morning pain free”.

And Sal B, who “used the ritual for 3 days and became completely back pain free.”

And Brian W., who says: “After using the ritual for just one day, the pain has completely disappeared!”

Find out exactly what to do to relieve your lower back pain in as little as 32 seconds right here:

>> simple ritual ends back pain in 32 seconds


Facebook has rules against lies about history. Cool – find the people who say Uncle Joe Stalin, or Mao, wasn’t so bad and report them.

We’re in a battle.

The thing is that we are in a battle. Those leftists out there want to make us change the way we live our lives. We must, they say, obey their wishes.

They do this with rules about what can be said, about what can be done. Sure, it would be nice to overturn all those rules but that’s difficult.

Much easier – and often much more fun – is to understand the details of those rules and turn them to our own delight. Knowing the short selling rules took $20 billion off Wall Street.

Sure, not everything will be quite so profitable but still fun for all that. Do that judo thing. Here are all these rules about the glorious new society. So, are you obeying them too Ms. Leftist?

After all, someone who says “All men are” is being sexist, “All whites are” is racist and so on. Call them out on it even if it is just for the lulz.