Florida governor fining Facebook for censoring conservatives

young man in bed using laptop with facebook on screen

Daily Liberty News editor Asleigh Dunn here again reporting for duty. And I’ve got some news for y’all


The left is at it again. JoeBama will destroy the first and second Amendments like Obama destroyed the fourth. They want to take away our speech and our firearms.

So what are we gonna do? Well, Florida Governor Rick DeSantis is leading the battle for the first and the second Amendments, and he wants to fine Facebook for censoring conservatives.

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Who is DeSantis?

Fl. governor Desantis is not your average Joe. He’s sick of Facebook censoring people like, oh I don’t know, sitting and former presidents.

Especially if Facebook is censoring Florida politicians. Something DeSantis is pretty passionate about NOT happening.

So DeSantis is promoting a law in Florida that prohibits social media censorship of Floridians.

Could this be a model for the rest of the country? You know we had fearless Tom Luongo write about censorship. Should various states pass a “don’t censor our citizens” — with $100,000 per day penalties as DeSantis is proposing…

…maybe this will stop the Extreme Left from screwing us Conservative Liberty Lovers.


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And speaking of freedoms, the Extreme Left hates DeSantis for his support for the second Amendment. Specifically the last proposal to let Florida citizens defend against rioters.

We don’t want THIS to keep happening — what happened to these poor homeowners in Saint Louis defending against rioters. 

These poor homeowners were indicted by the commie Attorney General (a Soros clone).

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These people defending their property and their lives should get a medal. They shouldn’t face court trials and jail time.

But that’s what our Extreme Left wants — everyone to cower at home and be defenseless.

So JoeBama is promoting a bill that will tax guns out of private hands completely. Don’t think this is real?

As expert John Lott notes, this bill does a lot more. The bill makes gun manufacturers liable every time someone fires a gun at someone else.

Imagine making Ford responsible for a car accident they had nothing to do with?

This is the sneaky and disgusting way JoeBama and the Extreme Left are ruining America.

And speaking of America…I love Virginia Citizens Defense League. Every year they converge on the state capital, peacefully, to show the legislators and the governor of Virginia that gun owners are politically powerful and won’t stand for guns being taken away.

The gun rights group VCDL is EFFECTIVE.

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So a few days ago, Facebook banned VCDL. This is how the Extreme Left is working now. They are in league with Big Tech to ban all dialogue they disagree with.

Then a few days later, Facebook reinstated the gun rights organization.

“The Page was removed in error,” Kristen Morea, a Facebook spokeswoman said. “We have since restored the Page and admins and apologize for the inconvenience.”

Of course, this is Facebook’s show-of-force. Once you’ve been removed and reinstated, you must be very careful about what you say.

As the Gatestone Institute writes, nearly two-thirds of citizens are convinced that ‘today one has to be very careful on which topics one expresses oneself…’

This type of banning encourages self-censorship, which is what Big Tech wants.

Shut up and tow the line, or you’ll be banned for good!

Karel Donk writes about his 30 day suspension recently and how chilling it was, quoting a source: “activists who once found that Facebook helped make organizing easier are now encountering obstacles – and the resistance is coming from Facebook itself.”


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“With little explanation, Facebook has been disabling pages related to activism.”

You think? Like fire arms defenders VCDL? No way! Say it ain’t so!

And Facebook was the chief method used to organize demonstrations like the one in the photo. So this censorship WORKS.

And Liberty Lover, it is why I am doing what I’m doing here at Daily Liberty News


–Ashleigh Dunn