“Men who identify as women” to play sports with women

Running club members training together in morning under a bridge.
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Hey there, Liberty Lover. It’s Ashleigh, your favorite Blonde Bombshell.

Recently, President Trump was attacked by many Never Trumpers including Republicans like Lynn Cheney, and now they’re coming after Lynn! Watch out you traitor Republicans! You could find yourself out of a job…

And JoeBama signed an executive order letting “men who identify as women” play sports against women.

Joebama Crumbling the Foundation of Women’s Sports

Selina Soule is an athlete who is hurt by this insane policy to pretend men are women (something extreme leftists are great at). She said,

“Girls like me lose championships, podium spots, advancement opportunities, and the recognition we deserve because we’re forced to compete against biological males in our races.”

Great. So, you work your heart out as a woman to pursue your best in sports, and now you have to compete with “men who identify as women.”

Women have fought long and hard for athletic opportunities, and now this executive order undermines everything they’ve worked for.

Remember the terrible life-threatening “insurrection” on January, 6th when a few vikings entered the sacred US Capitol? AOC was supposedly there and was “very frightened” of being attacked and defrocked from the mass of horrific protesters.

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But it turns out that people are saying AOC lied, and she was not even in the Capitol when she says she was!

“Last night, Owens called out claims from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — calling her “AOC” is “disrespectful” but buy her $65 “AOC” shirts now  — that Ted Cruz and others almost had her murdered during the US Capitol riot. Like out of a line from the film Gone Girl, Owens said that Ocasio-Cortez faking her own attempted murder was her next logical step.”

Faking murder and faking an “insurrection” is exactly what is going on here. They want to introduce draconian and Big Brother laws to kill free speech and freedom in the USA.


This kills malignant cancer cells in droves

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Oncologists found that attacking this one hidden flaw can kill cancer cells in droves.

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And the best news of all is that Gruesome Newsome is going to be recalled. I wish all the states and the US government had a recall feature. That would be awesome!

As they say, California people, those who haven’t left the state yet, are experiencing “mounting frustrations over businesses closing, hospitals at full capacity, and school campuses shut down.”

Let’s recall all the bums!

And One Last Thing

So, if you haven’t heard, Liberty Lover, some billionaires on Wall Street got caught with their pants down. They’ve lost billions — but this week, the hedge funds got their revenge and all the Reddit people lost their shirt!

That’s right — the Gamestop stock had hit $600 but now is around $100 and millions and millions were lost — one man losing $19 million dollars! And he still won’t sell!

The hedge funds and huge banks have gotten the last laugh, Liberty Lover, but maybe the story isn’t over.

This week, a man who some call the Wolf of Wall Street, went on the Tucker Carlson Show to tell us what’s really going on.


There is a new hobby taking the country by storm…


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Since I’ve started I’ve found guns, phones and even a few safes!

Plus you can fish almost anywhere without any type of license.

There is treasure to be found everywhere if you’re willing to look.

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The Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belforte, told Tucker, “People are sick and tired of being stomped on. These people are mad. They’re sick and tired of being stomped out by Wall Street. They have something they want to prove, and they are angry as hell. And they finally have some ammunition to get back.”

Belfort thinks this whole thing is going to be a game changer. Now, these hedge funds aren’t going to want to be shorting stocks the way they used to.

The little guys finally have an edge on the billionaires, and they ain’t afraid to show it.

So, Liberty Lover, I’ll be here as always at the foreground for our battle for freedom.

With warm regards from your favorite Blonde Bombshell,

–Ashleigh Dunn

The Vulnerable Chink in America’s Armor

By James H. Hyde, special to Daily Liberty News

Imagine that you wake up one morning to find that your alarm clock didn’t go off, and you overslept.  You look for the red numerals on the clock, but the screen is blank.

You look at your watch. It’s stuck at 1:45 AM.

You reach for your cellphone and push the Home button. Nothing happens.

You turn on your TV to get the time and news. Your flat screen stays dark.

You get up and check the clock in your kitchen. It stopped at 1:45 AM.

You put a full kettle of water on your electric stove, turn the burner on and head for the shower. No hot water, so you get dressed.

Back in your kitchen, the water never boiled. The burner is cold to the touch.

Anxious, you head to your car to go to work. Maybe someone there knows what’s going on. When you get outside, there’s confusion wherever you look.

Your neighbors are in small groups trying to figure out what happened. You wave to them, but get blank stares in return.

You get into your car, and turn the key. It won’t start. All of the instrument panels on your dashboard are gone.

You walk to your closest neighbors to see if they know anything. You hear a strange, humming sound coming from the rear of their house.

You knock on the door, and your neighbor appears, a steaming cup of coffee in her hand.

“Want some coffee?” she asks. She takes you to the kitchen. Lifting her steaming coffee pot from her gas stove, she pours you a fresh cup.

Her husband joins you. He’s just out of the shower and smiling.

“What’s that growling sound in your backyard?”

“That’s our generator. I remember suggesting that you get one, too. Did you?”

You shake your head.

He shrugs, then sits at the table ready to down a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon.

“Buddy, I warned you this could happen,” he says, as he eats some bacon. “And it finally has.”

“What has?” you press, your tone impatient.

“In terms of technology, I figure that we’ve gone back in time to about, oh,1850.”

Back in time to 1850?

If the event described above were to happen, your neighbor’s concept of where we would be technologically is accurate. None of our technology will work.

We’d be back to horses, wagons and buggy whips.

We will find ourselves at the center of the worst crisis the country could ever face: our very own Armageddon.

The cause is an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) detonated 300 miles up in space over the center of the U.S..

It would be bad enough to be without technology, but it gets much worse.

The Congressional EMP Commission produced a study to determine what the aftermath of an EMP attack would look like. The results are truly terrifying.

Within a year of the event, the report states, between 75% and 90% of our population will succumb, most from dehydration, starvation, infections and man preying on man.

Not included in the report is extremely troubling.

Within two to three weeks of the attack we’d face another nuclear threat. Our nuclear power plants could begin to fail when they run out of generator fuel and battery backup power. The Department of Energy requires nuclear plants to have only a two-week supply of fuel in reserve.

Water must constantly cool fuel rods, including spent ones. If there’s no power to the pumps encasing the rods in water, the outcome will be way worse than Fukushima.

What does an EMP do?

When an EMP is detonated in space, the radiation dissipates harmlessly there, but three pulses, or waves, from the detonation hurtle to earth taking out anything with electronics in it, in particular, the grid.

Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, the director of the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security, is now carrying the torch to get the government, Pentagon and electric utilities to take action to harden our electric grid and military assets.

In the interests of transparency, I have worked very closely with Dr. Pry as head of the task force’s publishing arm.

Dr. Pry wrote a number of books in an effort to get the Trump Administration’s attention.

It worked. Dr. Pry, working with others, convinced the administration and the Pentagon to start hardening the grid and other assets.

Despite all of the hard work to get the document signed, it no longer matters. The documentation signed by President Trump to remedy the problem has been inexplicably rescinded by Sleepy Joe Biden.

That’s an outrage because it makes us extremely vulnerable, not just to an EMP attack, but also to cyberwarfare that could take out just the grid.

Who would do this?

There are four countries that pose a real EMP threat to us: Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.

Most worrisome to Dr. Pry is Russia. Pry released a report after the election titled, Russia: EMP Threat. I suggest you read it because the information within it is almost as terrifying as the numbers above.

Our enemies armed with such devices “…could black out North America and NATO Europe and win World War III at the speed of light,” Dr. Pry maintains, and he’s right.

What has him so concerned?

New intelligence indicates that the Russians have developed a Super EMP weapon that can travel at Mach 20. According to space.com, Mach 20 is equal to 15,000 miles per hour.

We would have virtually no warning about, or a way to defend ourselves against, a Super EMP device traveling at that rate and detonating 300 miles above the country.

The damage to our grid and anything electronic would be quick and devastating.

Planes flying within the scope of the EMP would literally fall from the sky.

SCADA controls, which control how harmful chemicals get mixed in specified amounts to make such products as pesticides safer, would be taken out causing the release of dangerous chemicals.

Trains relying on electricity would no longer work.

People would be trapped in elevators with no communications.

The tech-addicted financial sector would collapse.

The list of what would be affected is virtually limitless.

Who gets hurt?

People living in cities and suburbs would be the most affected by an EMP. Without functioning pumps, there would be no way to get water up to their apartments or houses.

Grocery and convenience stores would be raided for water and food within a day or two.

Looting would be widespread, and “survival gangs” would go door-to-door looking to deprive the hapless inhabitants of whatever they have.

In short, in his quest to remove anything Trump from the government, Biden has opened us up to a very serious threat.

We are more vulnerable now to EMP and cyberattacks than ever.

But there’s another factor that makes things even worse. Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin do not play well together. Biden wants the global Reset, and Putin, like Trump, is more of a nationalist. How the two countries interact in the years ahead will need constant detailed analysis.

Obviously, we do not want to tick the Russians off right now, because we’re sitting ducks if we do.