Get ready for the new Omnicold Jab

And: Djokovic freed from Australian prison and wins


Hi Liberty Lovers. With the Omnicon killing absolutely noone, the MSM continues to fuel the Mass Formation Psychosis engulfing the world. Now they’re working on a NEW jab for the NEW Rona “Omnicold,” that to this date, has caused ZERO deaths. 

Today’s featured story:

Pfizer is planning to roll out their new cash cow in March: the totally unnecessary Omnicon Jab! For the variant with a zero death count 

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Additional stories for you:

7-11 fined $20,000 by the CCP for showing map displaying Taiwan as a country 


Mark Dice: The Golden Globes was another embarrassing Liberal flop 


Pilot for major airline says 80% of his colleagues will refuse the booster 


Imprisoned unvaxxed Tennis star Novak Djokovic defeats his Australian oppressors in court, goes on to defend his title. Take that bootlickers!


Australia just bought 120 American tanks to counter China, worth $3.5 Billion

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