Smoking gun proves Fauci created Rona?

And: Dems try to hide abysmal December inflation report 


Hi Liberty Lovers. Ashleigh Here. Why would our government want to create a “domestic terrorist unit”? Unless they were expecting some sort of rebellion? Times are going to get a little crazy folks. Buckle up. 

Today’s featured story:

Biden says “This looks stupid” and removes face diaper while talking to reporters 

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Additional stories for you:

DARPA denied Fauci’s “Gain of Function” research because it was too risky, according to Project Veritas report. This is a huge smoking gun that Fauci lied about creating super viruses in Wuhan


Biden admin prepares damage control propaganda ahead of December inflation data report


The Justice Department announces the formation of a new “Domestic Terrorism Unit.” Will this be the new KGB? 


National School Board Association letter comparing concerned parents to domestic terrorists was penned by Biden’s education secretary 

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Former Pfizer exec says jabs are poison meant for depopulation 


Men only: Why I want to avoid this newfangled prostate procedure if I can help it

One man says this caused him “the worst pain I’ve ever felt”


Dr. Magill here, and there are more prostate procedures for men out there than ever before. 

Not just the TURP procedure that’s been around for years…

…but all kinds of newfangled procedures like UroLift, iTind, Aquablation, and Rezūm.

But I’ve found that none of these are the “simple” procedures they’re often claimed to be.

I believe that every man should discuss and consider other options.

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Take the UroLift procedure for example. UroLift CLAIMS that it’s minimally invasive…

And it’s certainly not as gruesome as the TURP procedure from everything that I’ve read…

But too many men report that it does nothing to help their symptoms.

Many men say that they are still waking up multiple times a night and having flow problems. 

Some men report that their urinary problems are WORSE after the UroLift. 

And don’t even get me started on what happens inside a man’s body when a urolift collapses… 

Rezūm is another so-called “cutting edge” procedure. This one uses steam of all things to treat an inflamed prostate.

Sounds interesting, right?

Unfortunately the guys who have had it done don’t agree…

Like one man I know who says that Rezūm caused him “the WORST pain ever.”

He says that “Dr said I will continue to get better, but I don’t recommend this to anyone so far.”

And when it comes to treatments like iTind and Aquablation, I feel like we just don’t know enough to say. 

These procedures are SO new that we really don’t know anything about them at all…

…and I don’t know about you but I’m not going to trust something as sensitive as my health to procedures that we know NOTHING about the long-term effects of. 

My prostate is not a guinea pig!

So I’m going to consider ALL other options before ever resorting to these risky newfangled procedures, which come with so many side effects.

Here’s what I’m doing instead to naturally support my prostate health without dangerous side effects


–Dr. Ari Magill, MD

Board Certified Physician