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President of the United States Donald Trump
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Hello there, Liberty Lover, it’s Ashleigh Dunn here again and soon you can have your guns taken from you…and this is what JoeBama is pushing…

Even gun-happy Texas has gotten totally crazy…Texas Congresswoman Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is now demanding “psychological” evaluations for every gun owner. 

Last thing Rep. Sheila Jackson is remembered for is complaining that hurricanes had “too many white names”. This is just another stunt for attention and possible power grab for the congresswoman.

Her root-and-branch plan would require interviews with the spouse, former spouse(s), and at least two other folks who are family members of the gun owner to “further determine the mental, emotional, and relational stability of the individual”.

“Sabika Sheikh” Firearm Licensing and Registration Act

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee initially introduced her radical agenda on January, 4th of this year.

Gun rights advocate Colion Noir went on Fox News this weekend to discuss his thoughts on the bill. He said,

“Honestly, I think the proposal is disgusting. What it does is essentially it takes a constitutional right and turns it into a privilege. You have to think about it. With all of the requirements that H.R. 127 would require, many people won’t be able to afford owning a firearm.”

And that, Liberty Lover, is the point. Ban guns in private hands.


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You will have to pay $800 and undergo an insurmountable amount of training just to actually exercise your right to bear arms.

And this is when the murder rate is skyrocketing in the USA. And don’t even think about calling the police to protect you — they won’t be there when the crime is going on.

That’s why we need our guns.

And it’s likely that this bill will be passed because Democrats control all three branches of government.

So, Liberty Lover, this is really the greatest battle for our second amendment in all of American history.

Joebama to Ban Trump From Intelligence Briefings

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The Democrat swampies just ain’t leavin Trump alone even though they already defeated him in a rigged election.

Now, Joebama says that Trump must be banned from intelligence briefings.

In an interview with Norah O’Donnell on CBS news, Biden said,

“I’d rather not speculate out loud. I just think that there’s no need for him to have the intelligence briefing. What value is giving him an intelligence briefing? What impact does he have at all, other than the fact he might slip and say something?”

Right. He just can’t let the Russia thing go, can he? Democrats are still trying to convince folks that President Trump works for Putin.

Others are also in agreement that Trump should be barred from future intelligence briefings because of his “post-White House security profile”.


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The Democrats will do anything to distract the masses. Cause guess what? They ain’t got anything to offer anyone. Any time they talk about Trump, it’s a ploy to distract you, Liberty Lover.

The Left’s New War On Free Speech

The left is now saying, “extremists have broken down our walls and entered our country.”

In a new segment of the Tucker Carlson Show, Tucker uncovered Bank of America’s selling out of customer’s private information to law enforcement. 

If you bought a muffin in Washington DC they turned your financial data over to the FBI.

No kidding.

And with new data mining methods, they have cast a wide net and are roping in people who simply exercised their right to be in Washington DC.

Bank of America has joined the Deep State in a shadow war against so-called “political extremists”.

Imagine, Liberty Lover. You go to D.C. to protest against tyranny, as is your right. You cause no harm, but your government all of a sudden hauls you in for questioning for acts of terrorism. Nothing anymore is private, not even your financial activity.

So, Liberty Lover, I will be here for you always covering the battle for free speech and the right to bear arms.

Make sure to stay tuned as I’ll be covering the most important news on the fight for Liberty.

Love from your favorite blonde bombshell,

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