Tell me. How can I stop this?

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When they can hit my house from 1000 miles away.. They are unstoppable.

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Hello there, Liberty Lover. One time a few years back, I was riding back from college with my parents, and an eighteen wheeler ran into our lane. If my dad hadn’t swerved into the shoulder, I’d be dead.

I think about that moment sometimes. When that truck is heading towards you, and let’s say there IS no shoulder, and you know 100% that it is going to destroy you.

That’s how it is with today’s hyper sonic missiles. They are so fast and so deadly that there is no defense against them. And if they are ever fired at the Pentagon, the White House, or my house, all we can do is watch the total destruction. And there is NOTHING that can stop it.

Sounds scary? Well it is. And it’s real.

This is the threat of a hypersonic missile system which can carry nuclear warheads.

The speed and altitude at which these weapons fly are dangerous enough to beat the United States national missile defense system.

It’s possible one of these missiles could be launched right at Washington D.C., and there wouldn’t be anything us Liberty Lovers could do about it.

Hyper Sonic Missiles To be Aimed at U.S.

Look folks. I do wonder if China plans on using these weapons. 

Would China really follow through with a hypersonic nuclear attack? Yes; it is possible to launch nukes with hyper sonic systems.

And President Xi Jinping has grand plans for the Chinese military. If he gets his way, China will outmatch the United States in military strength before the year 2050.

When I read this article below, I was shocked. It says,

“The bottom line is this: the recent Russian advances in missile technology have basically made the US surface fleet pretty much useless in a conflict against Russia (and probably against China too).”


My doctor colleagues hate it when I give this advice to patients

It may surprise you…

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Single veterans want to know the same thing — how to meet a girl and keep her interested.

And my answer is always the same…

The men who do this meet women, recover their potency and end up very happy…


That’s right. I know you might not like to hear it, Liberty Lover, but China and Russia have more advanced weapons than the United States Armed Forces.

China also is creating drone armies. They call them suicide swarms, and they are controlled by artificial intelligence.

They can off load these suicide swarms in mass by naval ships, trucks, and helicoptors! Nearly almost anything you could think of, Liberty Lover. The intelligence level of these things is so high they can even detect life.

That means they’ll be used to fight soldiers in real time. Doesn’t that sound gruesome?

And if you choose to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces, Liberty Lover, you could be fighting against superhuman soldiers like we mentioned above.

We know all this stuff about Chinese super weapons can be overwhelming folks. But at Daily Liberty News, we don’t spread fear. We just want to keep you informed.

But this ain’t all the news we’ve got for you today.

Elon Musk Wants To Steal Your Bitcoin!

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Bitcoin has been breaking records on a daily basis. Yesterday, it crushed an all time high of $44,000. Now, just yesterday evening, it went all the way up to $48,000!

If you’re not familiar with what Bitcoin is, Liberty Lover, it’s a currency like the dollars you hold in your bank.

Except the difference here is that Bitcoin is all digital. This means that you can’t hold physical Bitcoins like you can dollars.

The good thing about it is that no central bank or authority controls it. That means you can send it to whoever you want and wherever you want without going through a bank.

It’s essentially currency that is NOT issued by a bank — kinda like gold or silver. But unlike gold or silver, Bitcoin can be sent in a few minutes, digitally, to anyone in the world.


Lack this crucial vitamin and risk total prostate failure

Doctors can scream this is “medically impossible” all they want…

But they can’t deny the lab test results…

Every single man who lacked this vitamin experienced dramatic deterioration of their prostate…

Their libido dropping to zero…

And having to pee 10 to 15 times a night.

Take the quick test here and see if you’re lacking this crucial vitamin for your prostate!


So, what’s the deal? Why is Bitcoin price soaring now?

Well, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, shocked the Bitcoin community last week when he changed his profile bio on Twitter to say only, “Bitcoin”. He then commented on it and said, “It was inevitable.”

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Many Bitcoin experts say this was a big factor in the price pump.

And a file released from the SEC(exchange commission) reports that Tesla, Musk’s company, will soon purchase $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin.

Many Bitcoin enthusiasts are thrilled that Musk is going to purchase Bitcoin. However, I’m willing to bet that a Liberty Lover like yourself sees that there is more to this story.

We just can’t trust billionaires, Liberty Lover. I don’t know what Musk’s plans are for Bitcoin, but I think he has secret motives which he has yet to reveal.

I like Bitcoin because right now, the oligarchy doesn’t control it. But is Musk’s recent purchase a way to seize Bitcoin from the people? Only time will tell, Liberty Lover.

Now, just one more quick thing!

Bill Maher Blames Christians for the January, 6th Capitol Riot

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If you’re not familiar with Bill Maher, he’s basically a mouthpiece of the Democrat swampies.

He went on his hit HBO show last Friday and said,

“As long as we’re going to go to the trouble of another impeachment trial, we might as well be honest about what it’s really about: The events of Jan. 6 were a faith-based initiative.”

Bill Maher is using a cheap way to attack good, honest Christians here. He’s identifying all Christians as radical conspiracy theorists. He says that being a Christian is equal to being a member of the radical group, QAnon, whoever they are.

I’m not a QAnon fan, but hey, that doesn’t mean Christians should be attacked…

The thing is not all of us Christians are radical. Some of us are just honest, hardworking people who want to do what the good book says.

Once again, Maher’s attack on Christians failed, and he looks like a lunatic.

So, your favorite editor and chief, Ashleigh Dunn, is signing out. Stay safe and stay cautious, Liberty Lover!

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