I’m taking delivery on a flying car

Adult tired woman drives a car

Where are you on the waiting list, Liberty Lover?

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Hello there, Liberty lover. Today’s stories:

  • A new wrinkle on Biden family crime you won’t believe — nobody in the media is touching this…except us!
  • Flying cars may be tested in your city within 12 months — they are easier than “self driving” street cars…
  • A cat story that made me spit out my coffee this morning…

Greetings, Liberty Lover! Two years ago, my best friend and I drove from my then-home in Los Angeles, to the Grand Canyon, for our long awaited “gal-pal getaway”…

It was in that time of the month, Liberty Lover, and I was not in the best of moods…

I kept asking her over and over,

“Are we there yet?” 

We didn’t arrive until about the 1000th time I asked.

That’s how I feel about flying cars. But there is about to be a revolution in flying everything…


The secret to it is this: self driving cars are hard. Too many pedestrians. Obstacles. Right of way rules.

But flying cars that fly themselves are easy. Not many obstacles for the computer to navigate.

I think flying cars will be happening very soon and will absolutely represent the end of cars as we know it.

Early reports are coming in that Volkswagen is in the works to develop flying cars and have them manufactured real soon now.

The German company said the following in a statement recently,

“Beyond autonomous driving the concept of vertical mobility could be a next step to take our mobility approach into the future, Therefore, we are investigating potential concepts and partners in a feasibility study to identify the possibility to industrialise this approach.”

Volkswagen is conducting this “feasibility” study in China.

The thing we have to realize, Liberty Lover, is how fast technology can develop in this age. Once someone gets an idea, if they have the money to do it, it usually can happen.

I would be willing to bet that it’s possible we could see a VW prototype flying car within the next two years.

And even though flying cars don’t exist today in the way which we might think of them, there are already flying vehicles in the form of jetpacks, motorbikes, and air taxis.


3 reasons one night stands are overrated 

One night stands suck!

Yeah, I said it.

First off, the intimacy usually isn’t even that good.

Because the girl doesn’t know you that well, she isn’t comfortable enough to get wild…

And she’s too self-conscious to really let go.

Not good!

Face it:

One night stands suck.

And that’s why being a PUA… (even a moderately successful PUA)… SUCKS.

Trust me — me and many of my friends have done the PUA thing better than anyone on earth — it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

So what’s the alternative?

Stop being a pick up artist…

And instead, play the long game.

The SMART game.

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about getting yourself a long-term girlfriend

The trick is — how to FIND girls like this..

But don’t worry.

As always — I’ve got you covered.

Check out this NEW video right now:

==> These 3 words make any girl agree to come over to your place every week!


Biden’s Son-in-law To Profit from the Pandemic

The Biden crime family is at it again, Liberty Lover. Remember how Hunter was paid $80,000 dollars a month to do nothing but “advise a Ukranian energy board”? Let’s not even get into the laptop; I ain’t in the mood for it today, Liberty Lover.

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Now Howard Krein, who is Joebama’s son-in-law, is the chief medical officer at a company called StartUp Health which has invested in technology that is profiting from the pandemic.

Krein’s company, StartUp Health, was an early investor in a software developed by a tech firm called Yosi Health. Krein was a major factor in StartUp’s decision to invest in the software developed by Yosi Health.

An article from thegatewaypundit.com says,

“During the 2020 presidential campaign, attention on the Biden family focused largely on his son, Hunter Biden. But experts say it is the president’s son-in-law who could present fresh ethical challenges for the new administration.”

The Biden crooks are the worst ever. Biden’s family invests and the government pays. It’s sickening really.

While Liberty Lovers are forced to stay home, the Biden family is making hundreds of millions from the pandemic.

Let’s just look back at a historical example real quickly. Remember that Iraq war that killed millions of American soldiers? We discovered that both the Bush family and the Cheneys had financial incentive to go into this war.

It was never about weapons of mass destruction. Now, Biden is doing a similar thing here.

Remember when he said at the inauguration last month,

“We are going to win the war against the virus.”

Him talking about the virus like we’re at war with it sounds awfully familiar to the war on terror. So, Liberty Lover. Based on the looks of it, Biden’s family wants the “war with the virus” to never end so they can keep living high on the hog.

They could care less about what Liberty Lovers like you or I think. They don’t want us to be able to live our lives and be happy! They’ll keep whatever disaster going for as long as possible while it benefits them.

Texas Attorney Embarasses Himself in Front of Entire Country

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Texas Attorney, Rob Ponton, is indeed not a feline. Though some who were in attendance to his zoom meeting from yesterday might disagree.

I’m referring to a funny incident which happened just yesterday where a high profile Texas Attorney, Rob Ponton, accidently used a cat filter setting on an important zoom hearing.

If you’re not familiar with what Zoom is, it’s a popular video sharing technology used for both business and personal meetings online.

He was notified of the issue while the meeting was going on, but he was in desperation. Apparently, he’s not good with technology, and his assistant was nowhere to be found to help him fix the problem.

A funny quote from wfaa.com reads,

“Ponton’s screen showed a video filter of a cat where his face should have been. The video has been making the rounds Tuesday after Ferguson shared it in a tweet. Ferguson’s court serves Brewster, Culberson, Hudspeth, Jeff Davis and Presidio counties.”

So, start saving up for your new flying Volkswagen, and if you’ve got an important Zoom meeting, make sure to turn off the cat filter settings!

Thanks for reading as always, Liberty Lover, and catch you on the flip side!

Love from your favorite editor and chief,

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