Is a massive worldwide cyber attack imminent?

And: Assasination attempt on Ukraine leader thwarted


Hi Liberty Lovers. Ashleigh Dunn here. I’ll admit, I’m frazzled. These days I almost dread looking at the news, because everytime I see the words “WW3” or “Nuclear” I get a burst of adrenaline. But thankfully I am trained in meditation. To calm your anxiety, simply place your hands together in prayer, take deep breaths, look at something you appreciate like a plant, a pet, or a family member, and quietly appreciate them. Your anxiety will melt away.

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The Great Reset is real Globalist need war for it to work


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Will a major cyber attack be the next stage of the Globalists’ plan?

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Assasination attempt on Zelensky foiled in Kyiv. Apparently a Chechen hit squad was sent, but stopped and destroyed. (Possibly fake story since we have no idea what’s real anymore – Ashleigh)


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