Lefties refuse to see the truth…

Is truth subjective in the culture war?


Hi Liberty Lovers. Ashleigh Dunn here.

Whenever I argue with lefties about stuff about the culture war, and especially the vax mandates, they always find it hard to believe that the powers that be would lie to us.

I ask “Do you really trust Big Tech, Big Government, and Big Pharma to have your best interest at heart?”

Most lefties won’t even go there. They just roll their eyes and change the subject.

So I asked one of my good friends who’s a genius at analyzing politics and he just said “Commies are commies. There’s no point trying to change their mind. They’ll just use whatever you say against you.”


He’s probably right. But I’d like to have a more positive view.

I think most people are good, and they are doing what they think is right, and best.

But they’ve been manipulated, misled, and straight up lied to.

So don’t hate on the lefties. Make fun of them, sure. But keep that empathy.

They just trust the systems that are supposed to work for us, and they’re in denial.

When the boots are kicking in their door, and the evil ones take their children in the night, then they’ll believe you.


Just kidding. Everything is going to be fine!

Have you ever been able to change a leftie’s mind? Reply to let me know.