Latest accusation against Governor Cuomo referred to police

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Is he going to prison?

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Hello there, Liberty Lover.

In today’s news:


Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York is in dire straits. When we last reported on his sexual misconduct and abuse allegations…

…There were only three women who had come forward. 

Now, only two weeks later, that number has doubled.

It’s gotten so out of hand that even the New York Times had no choice but to report on it.

The authors wrote, 

“New York State lawmakers on Thursday opened an impeachment inquiry into Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo…”

“…The surest sign yet that the governor was seeing his party turn against him amid growing scrutiny of a recent series of sexual harassment accusations.”

Cuomo has been Governor of New York now for nearly a decade. Perhaps his days are numbered.

I certainly hope so. I personally already despised Cuomo’s guts even before these sexual assault allegations came forward.

My grandmother died in a New York State nursing home last summer, and this was one of many deaths which the sick Swamp Creature tried to cover-up.

And I especially detest any person engaged in sexual misconduct. 

One of my good friends…

…I’m not going to tell you her name…She was a victim of sexual assault.

And she’s been traumatized ever since this day. So, I sincerely hope that Cuomo’s political career never sees the light of day again.

In further examination of the topic, a publication I read for said, 

“Cuomo has had a rough day, with 59 Democrats in the legislature signing a letter calling on Cuomo to resign.”

Here is the issue I’m facing though. I believe that the Democrats are only gunning after Cuomo because they are having trouble covering up his misdeeds.

Thanks to all the conservative news outlets bringing this to light…

…The Democrats have no choice in my mind, but to turn on one of their own in order to save themselves.

The issue I fear in the future, however, is that Cuomo’s political career could see a rehabilitation. 

Unfortunately, the constituents of the Democratic Party have amnesia. They’ll also turn a blind eye on the misdeeds of the Democrats.

Let’s just look at the Tara Reade case that came out roughly around a year ago.

At the time, Zombie Joe was set to be the favored nominee for the Democrats. Tara Reade claimed that Biden digitally penetrated her in public.

Yet every person I know personally who is a Democrat gave him a pass and said it wasn’t true.

It was the same case with Swampies like AOC and Stacey Abrahms who were sucking up to Joe Biden…They said that Tara Reade was lying.

The point I’m making is…

…We can’t allow the woke mob to drop the sexual misconduct allegations against Cuomo. 

We need to keep pushing the issue forward until Cuomo is forced to resign…

…And never can hold political office ever again.


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Zombie Joe Enriching Cartels

We’ve already talked about how Governor Gregg Abbot deployed the Texas National guard to respond to the immigration crisis in Texas.

And now, the President of Mexico himself is saying Biden’s open border policy is encouraging illegals to cross the U.S. border.

An article I just read at said that the Mexican cartel is indeed profiting from the crisis.

The author says, 

“That’s true. We’re partners with cartels now. We give them jobs trafficking and bringing drugs across our borders – it’s humane or something. Biden’s good for cartel business. At least he’s creating jobs somewhere.”

Not only is Biden going to grant amnesty to millions upon millions of illegals if he has his way…

But according to a publication from to, the Mexican President said recently,

“We need to work together to regulate the flow, because this business can’t be tackled from one day to the next.”

I have to say that I agree. No matter what one thinks… America will have to work with Mexico to fix the border crisis.

However, I am concerned that Zombie Joe will give Mexico an obscene amount of money…

…And will put the United States further in debt. 

We all know that the Democrats waste money like the Exon Valdez spills oil.

I hate to say it… But as long as Zombie Joe or another Democrat is in charge…

…The border crisis will never be fixed. We need to look at conservative leaders like Greg Abbot to lead the way and save this great nation.

So, Liberty Lover…

…Asheligh Dunn, your favorite editor and chief, will be here as always speaking truth to power. 

Love from your favorite Blonde Bombshell,

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