Will you need proof of the jab to…?

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What happens when everyone starts ignoring the sheep herders…

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Hello, Liberty Lover.

In today’s news:

And finally…

I watched a startling interview at the end of last week. It was one of the most informative interviews I’ve seen about the jab ever.

It’s astounding this person isn’t on every news outlet across the globe doing interviews.

But of course, that’s all part of the plan.

The corporate media will never allow anyone on air who is actually speaking facts about the vaccine.

The interviewee is a board certified MD and activist who has been studying the effects of vaccines on adults and children for nearly 20 years.

Her name is Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. 

And what she revealed will absolutely boggle your mind. I swear…

…You’re not going to want the jab after hearing this.

What most folks don’t understand about the COVID vaccines is that they’re not like a regular flu shot.

They have in them what is called an mRNA molecule(messenger RNA). 

And once injected into the body, this mRNA can have different effects on different people as Dr. Tenpenny explains in the video. 

But the thing to understand is in many cases that these vaccines are causing autoimmune disorders in otherwise healthy adults.

mRNA vaccines create what Tenpenny calls a spike protein. She says,

“There’s a lot of different things that can happen with it. For one thing… It can irrevocably bind to the surface of your cells.”

“The other thing that spike proteins can do is go through a process called transfection. The protein then can bind to your DNA and irreversibly change it.”

“I’ve mapped out about 10 different mechanisms of injuries that the antibody can cause inside of your body once it’s been created by that process.”

“That anti-spike antibody that’s supposed to be there to keep you from being sick…”

“…If you produce it at very high quantities, it can have diverse adverse effects on your tissues…”

“…Primarily your lungs, but also to your liver to the kidney, and to your heart.”

What’s wild is Dr. Tenpenny reveals in this interview that Big Pharma has been trying to approve mRNA vaccines in adults for twenty years now.

And mRNA vaccines are still not approved by the FDA. 

Tenpenny reveals that these shots have been able to bypass FDA approval under the guise of the COVID-19 emergency. 

But it’s entirely experimental. Never before have studies been conducted on how mRNA vaccines affect humans.

What’s absolutely absurd…

I went on the CDC’s website, and it said this about the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine:

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This is absolutely criminal.

I guarantee that the people in charge of the CDC and Big Pharma companies like Moderna and Pfizer are totally aware of how harmful these vaccines can be…

…And they’re still advising that people get a second shot even if they feel sick!

So…I’m not one to give health advice…

…But I highly advise you to watch Dr. Tenpenny’s full interview before you ever consider going to get the jab.

Less People Want Vaccines Than You Realize

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I read this fascinating article this weekend which really woke me up to the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It’s just too startling if one looks back at the previous year…

…And examines all of the measures that have been put in place in order to “protect humanity from the virus”. 

Have you noticed any strange new apps on your phone

I have an Iphone. And there’s an app that monitors whether I’ve come across a person who has been infected. It’s a complete nightmare.

And now, as we mentioned above…

…Big Pharma has finally figured out a way to inject us with experimental drugs without approval from the FDA.

So the security state and Big Pharma have both deeply advanced their own agendas in just one single year. 

The article I read this weekend said, 

“Covid is an existential threat to the public, therefore, we are justified in taking away people’s freedoms, their economy and their privacy. 

“It is for the ‘greater good of the greater number’. Vaccination is infallible and cannot be questioned.”

“The ‘experts’ are infallible and cannot be questioned. It’s not your body and it is not your choice. “

“Your body is property of the government and if you do not voluntarily take injections of whatever experimental cocktail we give you, then we will continue to erode your freedoms until you give in and submit.”


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This sums up well how the Deep State thinks.

I know lots of people who think that once everyone gets the vaccine that things will go back to “normal”. 

But as the author of this article so intelligently points out:

“Once you have submitted, your freedoms will still never be given back.”

This is a power play by the Deep State. They’re not going to willingly give people back their freedoms… Vaccine or no vaccine.

The Deep State has learned that they can tell people to lockdown…

…And they will obey.

In what world do people live in where they think these extremely wealthy, powerful, and influential people will allow the “plebeians” to have their rights back?

To me… It’s devastating to see people so desperate to go back to “normal” that they’ll willingly inject an experimental vaccine not approved by the FDA. 

However, hope is not lost. 

There are many folks who wish not to take the vaccine. Lamestream media will try to convince you that everyone is taking it and that there is no resistance…

…But that’s simply not true. There are many folks like myself who will resist the vaccine and refuse to take it.

We must come together and stick it to the Deep State and Big Pharma.

Zombie Joe to Make Women More “Lethal”–Who Is He Beholden To?

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Since Zombie Joe has been in office, most of his time has been spent on superficial types of “progress”. 

This includes making our society and especially our military more “inclusive”. 

And you won’t believe this…

If you serve in the military, you can have a sex operation for free… Hooray!

A quote from an article I read at wmbriggs.com said,

“It’s as if the Army’s mission is no longer to protect the nation, but to conquer it.”

Zombie Joe has no intention of improving our military. What’s going on is a sick globalist agenda to destroy the United States Military.

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Joe Biden is very cozy with the billionaires at the World Economic Forum and the Great Reset. 

Above you can see Joe Biden with World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab.

I’m not sure how transgenderism connects exactly with the agenda of the Great Reset… 

…But there’s clearly a connection between the transgender movement and the destruction of the United States Military as the author in the article I mentioned today points out.

Are these orders Zombie Joe is carrying out for Klaus Schwab? We will see.

So, if you have a young daughter looking to join the military…

Please be advised that it’s a very dangerous time to do so. Zombie Joe and the Deep State want to corrupt our youth and experiment on them with surgeries..

…Which are proven to be ineffective and highly dangerous.

We must resist what the Democrats are turning our military into. 

And furthermore, we must dispose of them and their wicked agenda in order to restore balance, harmony, and pride to the United States Armed Forces once again.

So, Liberty Lover…That’s all I’ve got for today! Thanks as always for tuning in.

Ashleigh Dunn, your favorite editor and chief, is signing out.

Love from your favorite Blonde Bombshell,

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