My new friend is being sentenced to prison

Policeman take off his gun from zone

He should be given a medal, not a sentence. Here’s why…


One of my favorite places I love to vacation with my family is Mexico, specifically, about 70 miles south of Cancun.

Tulum wasn’t is a beautiful spot — maybe one of the most beautiful in the world —

… but due to drug cartels and corrupt police, I don’t think I will be going to visit Tulum anytime soon. 

In Tulum, they have already registered 49 murders in 2020, and this year will be even worse. 

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In Tulum, they only have one hundred and fifty police officers apparently, for a town of 80,000 people — nevertheless the police are harassing tourists and holding them hostage for payoffs.

Or, the police may be killing them…police are being investigated for the death of a tourist

Drug crimes are from drugs being illegal. Make drugs legal and the crimes would be instantly gone.

And this is why I am totally in favor of drugs being legalized, all drugs. 

If drugs were made legal there would be the end of all these criminal cartels and Tulum would be not only beautiful — it would be safe.

We would save hundreds of billions of dollars, and we will be doing the right thing which is letting people decide for themselves what they want to take into their own bodies.

Obviously I don’t think that children should be taking these things but we can deal with that. 

The important thing is to legalize everything right now and get rid of all this criminal activity that is going on everywhere including the highest levels of government.

And now, speaking of atrocities…among the worst recent military atrocities have been the use of drones to murder people. D

rones are sent to murder a target person based upon ineffective intelligence — called sigint — often the wrong person…

…and masses of innocent bystanders are murdered at the same time.

One of the military types in Air Force Intelligence under the Obama Administration felt so guilty about the drone murders…

…that he leaked information about the drones to the Press.

Daniel Hale is that man — and Daniel Hale is my new hero. He did what he did because of conscience.

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Everyone knows that he leaked it to The Intercept, although that isn’t for sure. 

The Intercept’s Jeremy Scahill did a brilliant job exposing these murders to the American people.

Anyway, my new hero, Daniel Hale, is being sentenced for his leak to the press – and he may face 10 years in prison for doing nothing except showing the world the drone murders.

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It’s a bad thing if you spy on your country and give secrets to other powers. It’s a bad thing to do that, it’s treason and deserves the worst punishment. 

It is also a bad thing to leak information for money. 

But my new hero Daniel Hale didn’t do it for the money and he didn’t leak secrets to foreign powers. 

He simply told the press something that we all need to know about. 

He should be given a medal rather than a sentence.

He told the press that the Obama Administration was routinely targeting people with no trial and without any real intelligence for murder and that these murders were resulting in many civilian deaths. 

We all should be knowing about that and in fact the Obama people should be prosecuted.

Expose these terrible people and put them into prison for their war crimes.

This persecution of a legitimate and brave whistleblower is yet another example of the terrible censorship there’s going on in our country today.

 Daniel Hale is being sentenced to set an example for anyone else who dares blow the whistle on USA war crimes.

Not here at the Daily Liberty News however. You and I, Liberty Lover are doing good work here and we need to continue.

Your Blonde Bombshell, 


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