Texas Governor Abbott is gone

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He has signed his political death warrant…

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Hello there Liberty lover it’s your favorite Blonde Bombshell Ashleigh with today’s news you won’t hear anywhere else.

Nobody really likes watching senile Joe Biden so apparently only 4300 people tuned in to watch his amazing and incredible address on this 2.25 trillion-dollar so-called infrastructure Bill, says Jim Hoft of TheGatewayPundit.

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They are killing health researchers and they don’t want you to know about it

This well-known cancer doctor is one of perhaps 40 or more health researchers who have died under mysterious circumstances.

Here is the full story of what they were working on at the time of their mysterious deaths and what may be happening here in the USA due to Big Pharma


The infrastructure bill, in case you haven’t seen, is all about paying out to Progressive Left causes and out of 2.25 trillion, only 157 billion dollars actually pays for roads bridges in airports. 

It is reported today that the bill will include:

  • Ramping up IRS enforcement of corporations, which he said could raise hundreds of billions of dollars.
  • Establishing a minimum tax of 21% on corporations’ global earnings, which could bring in $1 trillion over a decade.
  • While Biden’s plan earlier didn’t include any details beyond $80 billion for Amtrak, Biden said that money would be used to create high-speed rails.
  • Contracts will go to American companies, and products purchased will be made in America (proposals first pushed by President Trump).
  • Creating 500k electric charging stations.

You can add raising taxes drastically on anyone who dares to be successful in the USA.

But nobody is watching Senile Joe and moreover, they are clicking on the “don’t like” button — tens of thousands are doing that.

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The problem has gotten so bad with people not wanting to watch that although they can’t force you to watch, they may remove the downvote button on YouTube just because of Senile Joe. 

Yes that’s right, apparently google-owned YouTube is removing the downvote button in select cases especially because Senile Joe Biden has gotten tens of thousands of dislikes and that doesn’t look too good, does it.

You may know how there is terrific pressure and backlash against the hordes of people illegally entering the US.

One of the interesting stories that just came out is about how the US is subsidizing illegal immigration. 

One of my favorite websites Liberty Nation, Andrew Moran, is reporting that the taxpayers are footing the bill and essentially paying people to come to United States illegally.

Anyone who makes it into the USA is now receiving:

free education,

free medical care,


cash payments,

SNAP payments

and much much more. The problem is especially bad in, you guessed it, California and places like that.

Remember the “infrastructure” bill we just talked about.

This entire so-called infrastructure bill is all about paying out huge amounts to States like California so that we can encourage and incentivize more illegal immigration.

And in other news, President Trump said that he is going to run in 2024, but you wouldn’t know it because he is being censored.

Everyone is censoring Donald Trump now. Just remember, even if you hate Donald Trump, you could be next.

In the Brave New World, only the right politicians going to voice and only the right point of view can be heard.

Idiot Governor of Texas Greg Abbott has claimed Gab.com is anti-semitic. Well, pile it on, Abbott. 

There is nothing anti-semitic about Gab. Gab is all about people speaking freely. 

Some people who speak freely are abhorrent anti-semites, but that’s not Gab, that’s only a few people.

Thank goodness for Gab, one of the only real social media sites left that doesn’t censor and delete what it doesn’t like. 

Andrew Torba is enduring the worst censorship imaginable, and now not just from The Powers That Be (Facebook, Google, Twitter and Apple) but also by Governor Abbott.

Abbott is doomed. 

DeSantis, governor of Florida, is the brightest star in the future political realm, including the Presidency, but Abbott shows he’s a small-minded establishment hack. Write him off.

All this is why we have to keep doing the good work, you and I, here at Daily Liberty news. 

Signing out, your favorite Blonde Bombshell to my favorite Liberty Lover,


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