Nancy Pelosi’s secret plan

Donald Trump

The media is holding this back..

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Hello there, Liberty Lover.

In today’s news:


So, Liberty Lover…

House Democrats just passed one of the most radical, crazy bills of legislation ever. And I’m not exaggerating.

Donald Trump just pointed out too many flaws in our dreadful voting system…

…And now, Zombie Joe has the power to lock you up indefinitely if you question the legitimacy of his victory. I’m not kidding.

One really disturbing section of the bill, prohibiting the publication of misleading information, says this exactly. Look below what I read from, Liberty Lover:

“The bill makes it a federal crime to ‘communicate or cause to be communicated information’ that is knowingly false about an election…”

“…and designed to discourage voting, within 60 days of an election. The sentence: up to five years. The bill also makes it a crime to claim a false political endorsement.”

Okay… What the heck?

That’s insane. What if there really is a fraud election that happens in the future? Maybe Zombie Joe’s victory was a fraud, maybe it wasn’t…

…But it’s really suspicious that they’re this afraid of anyone talking about fraud.

Another ridiculous addition to the bill is the section allowing politicians to use campaign funds for personal use

Right. So, Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have enough ice cream in her fridge already? 

They call this the “Help America Run Act”. LOL.

I just can’t help but laugh at the sick joke, Liberty Lover. How is allowing the corrupt Democrat Swampies to use campaign donations for personal use…

…Going to help America run? 

Real quick…I want to bring up one more final shocking addition to the bill. It’s titled:

changing FEC rules to require Trump (or other presidential candidates) to provide their tax returns

Enough already about the dang tax returns! The Democrats have been railing about this nonstop for more than four years.

You know whose tax returns I’d like to see? Hunter Biden’s.

That of course will never happen though. Because we all know Hunter is guilty for taking corrupt money from an energy board in Ukraine…

…That I almost guarantee you he didn’t pay taxes on.

So, Liberty Lover… I highly recommend you check out this article from, and look over all 37 excerpts from the bill which they discussed.

It’s highly informative, and it reveals so much about the Democrat’s wicked plan to stay in power permanently.

The only way we can defeat the Democrats is if we’re always a step ahead of them, Liberty Lover.

And it’s not as hard as you might think. They are laying out their plans right in front of us as plain as day.

The only problem is, not enough people look into this stuff.

So, please share this article with your friends and family, Liberty Lover. Because every American citizen needs to know about this agenda before it’s too late.

Will They Ever See Their Families Again?

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So, Liberty Lover…

We talked just on Friday about how the now infamous protester, who some call the Q-shaman, Jacob Chansely…

…Is now in prison, and he could be facing a 20 year sentence!

This is the man’s punishment for making a peaceful demonstration which the left and AOC have been calling an “insurrection” nonstop.

And now, National Guard officers have received orders from the Pentagon for a 60 day extension to their mission of defending the Capitol against “violent extremism”.

Many conservatives have pointed out that Zombie Joe is only doing this to make Trump look bad.

But I think there’s a more sinister plan at play here than that. 

Zombie Joe really has established himself as the leader of a military dictatorship.

And what if it really was Trump that won the election?

In this case… He really is a dictator by definition! Wouldn’t surprise me though in the least bit, Liberty Lover.

The Democrats openly cheated Bernie Sanders in the primary. So, is it a possibility that they did the same with Trump? I think so.

But back to the point… I don’t think the National Guard is ever going to leave Washington D.C. now.

Remember when the dreadful virus put us all on lockdown just a year ago? 

They said lockdowns would only be for a week. Then, they said two weeks.

Now, your new healthcare czar, Dr. Anthony Fauci, is saying lockdowns won’t go away even after everyone has got the jab!


Keith told me: “When I started your program, my Testosterone level was 304.” 

(That’s very low)

We talked… and after a while, he wrote to me again:

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This man can expect to double his testosterone again…

Here’s what men like Keith are using to double or triple testosterone and make impressive gains in bulk and in their bedroom life


My point is… This is the exact same situation with the so-called “Capitol Insurrection”, Liberty Lover.

Republican Floridian and Afghanistan War veteran Rep. Brian Mast said in regards to the situation,

““This is the ‘people’s house,’ and we should be welcoming law-abiding citizens to participate in our government…”

“…Not using the military to keep them out like a dictatorship.”

So, I ain’t the only one pointing out that the Democrats are dictators. 

And one more thing…

Zombie Joe with his amnesty plan, H.R. 1177 & S. 348, wants to give citizenship to aliens…

…But people who are already citizens can’t be anywhere near the Capitol without being arrested!

And now, the radical left is saying…

…That March 4th(yesterday) was a day of great concern. They claim that far right militia groups were planning a coup or something.

(Before the year 1933, March 4th was the day where presidents were inaugurated)

Apparently, right wing militia groups were preparing for Trump to reclaim his title as POTUS.

However, nothing happened. Another classic Democrat Swampie lie it seems.

Neither Trump nor any conservative I know has said a word about this.

So, Liberty Lover… You must understand there really isn’t a threat of violent extremism like the radical left is trying to trick you into.

Times would actually be peaceful if it weren’t for the Democrats. That’s a bit ironic I think.

Thanks for reading, Liberty Lover. Asheligh Dunn, your favorite editor and chief, will be here as always speaking truth to power.

Love from your favorite Blond Bombshell,

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