Will he run in 2024? (no not Trump)

A picture of a Dolly Parton statue in Gatlinburg Tennessee

“Joleen, Joleen”

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Hello there, Liberty Lover. 

In today’s news:

And finally…

“I just want to say to all you cowards out there… Don’t be such a chicken squat…” 

“…Get out there and get your shot.” Dolly Parton

So, Liberty Lover.

I’ll be honest. I love Dolly Parton. My grandad raised me on her music.

In fact… She’s my hero and one of my favorite people ever.

When I was just a little gal, maybe eight…

…Me and papa every Friday after school would drive by the Sonic drive-through…

…And I’ll never forget my favorite Dolly Parton song we always played. It went,

“Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene.”

Actually, this makes me tear up a bit. I miss my papa a lot.

But if you didn’t know, Liberty Lover, Parton donated $1 million to the Moderna jab.

But that’s not all. Parton went on live television and got the jab herself… Yesterday I think it was.

I personally don’t want a big pharma jab, Liberty Lover.

It was really disappointing how one of my heroes seemed to be shaming me for not wanting a jab.

Ever since this dreaded virus began last march…

….I already said I wouldn’t take the jab. And now there’s so much weird stuff going on about it.

For example, why isn’t anyone talking about the death of Hank Aaron?

It’s no secret that the baseball legend got the virus shot right before he died.

Yet no one is mentioning it at all. Everyone is just saying, 

“It has nothing to do with the shot. Case closed.”

And big pharma critic, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., has been deplatformed from major social media platforms for talking about Aaron and other deaths possibly related to the jab.

So… If RFK Jr. is just a crazy guy like the lamestream media is telling us…

…And everything he says is madness, then why is there a need to deplatform him, Liberty Lover? 

Why not just ignore him? Not a hard thing to do.

But I mean, clearly he’s onto something if the Big Tech overlords want him deplatformed.

Now, back to the point… Dolly Parton called people cowards who didn’t want to take the shot.

But I ain’t afraid of the dreadful virus…

…And if I ain’t afraid of the virus, then why do I need a jab?

It’s totally backwards, Liberty Lover.

So, Dolly Parton did a remix of one of her most treasured songs, Jolene, while live on air getting the jab…

…And she sang the words,

“Vaccine, Vaccine, Vaccine, Vaccine.”

I’ve got to hand it to her… Even at the ripe old age of 75, Dolly Parton still has a wonderful voice.

But she sure as heck is wrong about telling us to get the jabs, Liberty Lover.

Trump Calls on Fox News–“Get Rid of Karl Rove”

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So, Liberty Lover…

The lamestream media won’t tell you this. But former President Donald Trump is still the most popular figure in the whole Republican party.

Some folks haven’t taken too kindly to this. 

Karl Rove, who worked in the George W. Bush administration, has been quick in downplaying the former President’s continued raging popularity amongst conservatives.

In a recent op-ed which Rove wrote, he said,

“While 97% rated Mr. Trump favorably in a straw poll, only 68% wanted him to run for president again, and 55% said they supported his nomination in 2024.”

Only 68%… What does he mean only?


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That’s actually a pretty significant percentage.

Trump responded to Rove by saying Rove himself was responsible for the Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue defeat in Georgia…

Should have been an easy win but he and his friend Mitch [McConnell] blew it…”

…Trump said.

So, Liberty Lover… I’ve said this before. Donald Trump ain’t perfect. 

But he’s a much better leader for conservatives than your everyday Republicans like Mitt Romney, Karl Rove, Jeb Bush, etc… You know them all.

So, by the looks of it with Trump’s continued popularity and his own enthusiasm…

…It looks like he’s gearing up for a 2024 presidential run.

(And idiot Mike Pompeo says he will run…ha!)

Infamous Capitol “Insurrectionist” Goes Live With 60 Minutes

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So, Liberty Lover…

For the first time since the Capitol “insurrection”, the famous rioter, who some people have called the Q-shaman, whatever that means…

Went on live television to talk about his involvement in the events of January 6th. 

His real name is Jacob Chansley.

The fake news journalist, Laurie Segall, couldn’t help but take a shot at the liberty loving consrervative right off the bat. She said,

“Your actions on January 6th were an attack on this country.”

Before she lets her guest speak, she patronizes the poor fellow(who’s now in prison)…

…And talks to him like he’s a child.

This is how the lefties always are. They think anyone who disagrees with them is stupid or something. Totally bogus.

In his response, Chansley responded saying,

“My actions were not an attack on this country. I created positive vibrations in the sacred Capitol chamber…”

“…I also said a prayer in that sacred chamber because it was my intention to bring God back into the senate.”

So, we’re learning that this “insurrection” which the radical left has coined it as, was actually a peaceful protest!

This is the most stunning information I’ve seen on the January 6th riots since they transpired.

We got to hear straight up from one of the leaders of the protest himself.

I’ve heard reports that Chansley could be facing up to twenty years in prison.

It couldn’t be anymore clear, Liberty Lover.

The Democrat Swampies are gunning for every single one of our constitutional rights.

They are stripping away the First and Second Amendments at this very moment. We’ve reported already on the new gun control bill…

That the radical lefty Sheila Jackson Lee has proposed.

And it ain’t no secret that emperor Obama burned down the Fourth Amendment–our sacred right of due process.

And now…

…If you want to make a peaceful protest at the Capitol, the Democrat Swampies will throw you in the gulag and call you a domestic terrorist.

So, Liberty Lover… The hour is late. We don’t have a lot of time to save the sacred United States Constitution written by our founding fathers. 

We must act now.

Thanks for reading as always. Ashleigh Dunn, your favorite Editor and Chief, is signing out.

Love from your favorite Blonde Bombshell,

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