Secretly dropping dead like flies in Texas and Florida

Outdoor street seating at bars and restaurants with COVID-19 Temporary Restrictions sign

I hope you don’t believe in these false media reports…


Hey there Liberty Lover. it’s Ashleigh here, your favorite liberty-loving Blonde Bombshell and I want to wish you a very happy Easter.

Notice I didn’t say Happy Holidays. I said a happy Easter. So there!

Now we have a very strange phenomenon where in Germany apparently has a lethal Covid strain so terrible and lethal that even though there is a bogus test showing a hundred out of a hundred thousand people test positive…

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they must lock down, stay home, can’t even go buy food on Easter… close the super markets and close all stores and everyone has to stay home for 5 days.

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So if Germany must lock down this way, why aren’t they dropping dead like flies in Florida and Texas?

Neither Florida or Texas have a mask mandate and bars are open as normal and the same in Florida. 

There are some local stoopid counties that have mask mandates but nobody pays much attention.

Not much social distancing. And packing them into restaurants and bars like the good ol’ days.

So you would think that people would be dropping dead like flies in Florida and Texas.

However they are very healthy in Florida and Texas, thank you. For instance, in Texas cases and hospitalizations have plunged.

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And dining out is back to normal:

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And yet…In Germany, they have to impose a Draconian lockdown and infringement on everyone’s civil rights that has never been seen before. 

Makes you think there may be another ulterior motive for the lockdown, like say, making it illegal to demonstrate against the gubmint? Hmmm?

In other news, what are the worst trashiest people on Earth, Susan Rice, is now in charge of the federal effort to expand voting fraud.  I’m sorry, did I say voting fraud? I meant voting by MAIL. Sorry!

The government is doing everything they can to take away the constitutional rights of each state to regulate its own elections…

…and Biden’s handlers are dead set on institutionalizing massive voting fraud like we saw in 2020 so the Democrats can perpetually remain in office.

And, I saw an interesting article about  propaganda to sell the American people on vaccine passports.

The propaganda works like this: Repeatedly saying that the vaccine passports are inevitable. 

People should support them. 

They’re no big deal.

We have similar restrictions already, so what’s the big deal with vaccine passports?

And besides, it’s really insignificant and you’re a selfish disgusting person if you’re against the idea.

Plus, vaccine passports will encourage more people to get the jab which supposedly is good (I don’t think the jab is good at all and I will never get one.)

Despite the propaganda, despite the illegal and fraudulent lockdowns…

… I am hoping that we don’t become like the Stasi in East Germany and require papers to do everything. 

I’m still optimistic we can get out of this thing.

And last matter for today…I am totally for free speech and that means speech that none of us like. 

That means being for the right of people to speak abhorrent and repellent things. 

That’s what Free Speech really is.

In the United Kingdom they no longer have free speech because they have prosecuted a woman for her speech about the Holocaust. 

She is a gross Holocaust denier, a horrible person, but that doesn’t mean she should be in prison because of her speech. 

She like everybody has a right to say anything that she wants.

Some people may recall that the ACLU defended the neo nazi’s right to march in Skokie, many years ago. The ACLU didn’t like the neo nazi’s message but they wanted to support Free Speech no matter what.

The ACLU is no longer that same organization as they were. They would not defend free speech today. As this fascinating article says:

“In 2018, a leaked ACLU memo came out where the group seemed to be walking away from the idea of viewpoint neutrality when it came to protecting speech. The ACLU now advises its affiliates to consider the content of speech and whether it advances the group’s goals before deciding whether to defend the right to speak. How do you feel about that?”

We need somebody like the ACLU of old, to speak up for the rights of abhorrent and repellent people. If we don’t defend the rights of disgusting people to speak, they will be coming for us next. Yes, you and I, Liberty Lover. We are next if we don’t defend the right of everyone to speak freely.

I hope that you will hit reply and tell me your thoughts, and again, have a Happy Easter

Your Blond Bombshell 


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