They seized everyone’s safe deposit boxes

Cheerful kid holding carton house model near board with sale letters

A lawless act…is your bank next


Hello there Liberty Lover it’s your favorite Blond Bombshell, Ashleigh here,  and if you have tried to buy a house…

…but have found the market too tight…

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This is real…men all over the USA are curing their prostate problems without supplements or pills

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This is what they are doing as proven by a Columbia University study…


…you can blame the huge bubble blown by the lawless Federal Reserve.

It turns out that in Houston one out of four houses offered on the market are snapped up not by trustworthy middle class homeowners trying to make ends meet…

…they are purchased instead by greedy disgusting hedge funds. 

Homes are a great investment for these hedge funds who can print as much money as they want, while we homeowners struggle to pay our bills and hold a job.

Why should hedge funds have that kind of money to compete with homeowners? 

They should lend homeowners mortgage money, not buy houses from under them.

It’s pretty crazy when we have to compete with banks in order to buy a home. 

They are seeing houses go for 20% over the purchase price where I live in Florida, and there is virtually no inventory because anything offered for sale is immediately snapped up and multiple offers are the rule.

Now we know why, partly thanks to these awful hedge funds.

Speaking of people with money…

…the FBI seized all the safe deposit boxes 

The Feds raided a private firm renting boxes to the public. The Feds claim that the company offering the boxes was helping to launder money. 

Instead of getting a search warrant to search specific boxes, the FBI seized everyone’s box and now it’s making them prove their ownership of what’s in their box.

The judge who approved this search warrant should go to prison.

This is an outrageous and lawless act. At least one person is suing the FBI, good luck to them!

And at last, there is some sense in this virus world today…

In Belgium the Court ruled that the government must lift all covid-19 measures within 30 days

All lockdowns and mask mandates should end today… not 30 days from now. 

We only have a short time on this planet, and this lawless and horrific lockdown strategy which doesn’t work is ruining people’s lives.

Speaking of the virus, the Argentine president took the supposed vaccine, the Russian Sputnik V shot, and he got covid-19. 

Is this really supposed to happen?

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The vaccine doesn’t work the way they say it does, and I’ll get into that maybe tomorrow.

In fact, Israel has had the highest percentage of vaccinated people and they have had huge numbers of new cases and of course they blame it on variants so they are buying 36 million booster shots of the vaccine.

This will never end.

They will always want to keep jabbing you over and over and this is a multibillion-dollar boondoggle by the drug companies.

I wish I could afford to buy their stock, LOL. Not really. I would short it.

Finally, in Los Angeles, the Left Coast capital…the LA Metro is a model of wastefulness. 

They spend $35 for each person riding the Metro who pays only three or four dollars. 

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This money should never have been spent and not only is it spent but it is continually being increased. 

This is why I won’t live in L.A. The city and the state are complete Left wing morons.

And now the gray ghost Biden is looking to give them even more money.

How sickening is that, when people could take an Uber ride for less money than they spend riding a stupid train. 

And if you don’t think I’m onto something, remember: they could do Uber ride share, cut the traffic on the 405 and 10 freeways, and have people ride in cars like affluent people, not in third world trains.

Anyway I’m so glad you’re with me here, hit reply and tell me what you really think, it’s your Liberty loving friend,


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