Will The Stock Market Actually Crash?

Medical tyranny may finally stop — here’s what these brave people are doing. 


Ashleigh Dunn here with all your early afternoon links I think you’ll enjoy. First I want to tell you about the protests that are being staged against the totalitarianism we are experiencing.

Here’s what’s up if you want to show your support against medical tyranny


Is the stock market about to crash? This expert says yes and explains why


Southwest Airlines pilot who only said “Let’s Go Brandon” now subject to an internal investigation — WTF?


It’s all fine when they do it. CNN host Jake Tapper and employees take off their masks for a photo op. I guess C19 doesn’t spread when you are posing for a photo, LOL.


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7 out of 10 adults believe Sleepy Joe is taking America in the wrong direction


Is Bill Maher switching sides? Publicly talks smack about Critical Race Theory


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