Surveillance of Navy crew members to suppress free speech

American Soldiers and Flag of USA on soldiers arm. US Army. Veteran Day.

Can they really get away with this?

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There’s some outrageous new training material for the Navy that seeks to “educate” crew members on how to root out extremism in their ranks. 

In an article I read from, I learned that one slide on a powerpoint presentation from the new training material said:

Everyone has a duty to report suspected or actual extremist behaviors. Early identification is key to effective intervention. What are some indicators of extremist ideologies?” There were no indicators listed.”

This is an absolute disgrace to our Armed Forces. How can Americans be okay with this?

We are treating our honorable soldiers like they’re lackeys to be disgraced.

It’s really clear that Zombie Joe hates all the troops in our Armed Forces — And this is strange considering how his son Beau Biden served in the military. 

But back to the quote I just mentioned — Where did this violent extremism come from within the ranks of our own military?

It doesn’t make any sense. 

Before a year ago, I never heard of such claims. Now, all I hear about is how white supremacism has infiltrated the ranks of police and the U.S. Armed forces.

Another excerpt from the training material says,

“An organization that espouses supremacist causes; attempts to create illegal discrimination based on race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin…”

“…sex [includes gender identity], sexual orientation, or religion; advocates using force or violence; or otherwise engages in efforts to deprive individuals of their civil rights.”

The radical left is ideologically bankrupt. They seem to be ignorant of the fact that their leader, Zombie Joe, gave a eulogy in 2010 to U.S. senator Robert Byrd…

…Who was a former member of the KKK. 

So, why aren’t they up in arms about the president’s extremism?

Not to mention — Zombie Joe co-wrote the 1993 crime bill, a direct attack on minorities.

Everything in the president’s history displays a white elitist agenda.

And it’s the most hypocritical thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

 It’s utterly atrocious that people in power like President Biden can bully honorable crew members of the U.S. Navy…

…And intimidate them with this brainwashing hocus pocus. 

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Another shocking excerpt I uncovered from this powerpoint presentation said extremism can include: 

“…offensive jokes, slurs, epithets or name calling, physical assaults or threats, intimidation, ridicule or mockery, insults or putdowns…”

“…offensive objects or pictures, and interference with work performance regardless of the means of communication (oral, written, e-mail, text messages, social media, etc.)” 

Does this mean Navy crew members will be surveilled and spied on?

We already know the surveillance state spies on U.S. citizens — I would not be surprised if they would be so bold as to surveil the internet and phone activity of crew members within the Navy.

Furthermore, a new bill, S.963, has been drafted that allows the DHS(Department of Homeland Security), DOJ (Department of Justice)…

…And the FBI to monitor internet activity to investigate possible domestic terrorism.

If the radical left is already making false claims about extremism and white supremacism within the ranks of our Armed Forces, do you think they’ll be spying on them as well?

It wouldn’t surprise me given this new bill, S.963, and the indoctrinating efforts now being pushed into the ranks of the Navy and other sectors of the U.S. Armed Forces.

There are countless brave and honorable men and women serving in the Armed Forces…

…And this agenda to “root out extremism” will weaken the United States and leave our country vulnerable to any opportunist ready to strike at us.

Thanks for tuning in as always, Liberty Lover.

That’s all I’ve got for this morning, but you can always depend on Ashleigh Dunn to speak truth to power.

Your favorite editor and chief is signing out. Love from your favorite Blonde Bombshell,


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