Veterans alarmed military being gutted by loyalty oath

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Watch your blood pressure when you read this…

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So, Liberty Lover… I don’t know if you’ve heard the news, but a man who some people say was a talk show and radio legend, Rush Limbaugh passed away two days ago.

We wanted to cover ths you know, there’s been soon.

When I first heard Rush Limbaugh passed away I was a little sad. Now, I had my disagreements with the guy. I especially don’t like how he had people like George Bush Sr. on his show. 

But I remember when I was just a little girl on the way to school with my dad in his 1976 Chevy pickup truck.

He would always be playing Rush Limbaugh’s talk show on the AM radio. Now that both my dad and Rush have passed away, this was a reminder for me that nothing lasts forever.

But some things I really liked about Rush. He was quite outspoken and didn’t care if people liked him or not.

In Tucker’s comments at the beginning on the segment, he said,

“Rush had an extraordinary life. But he also had a very unusual life. It’s hard to understand what it was like to be Rush Limbaugh and to work in that world unless you’ve done it.”

Then, when Glen Beck, who you’re probably familiar with, joined Tucker on the show, he said,

“Rush didn’t do his show for those who don’t listen. He was doing it for his amazing audience.”

What Glenn is saying here is that Rush didn’t care about the people who despised him or denounced him. He remained focused on his goal of running his show and not allowing his critics to slow him down.

Tucker then asked Beck how he thought Rush would be remembered. Beck said,

“It depends who is writing the history books. But he should be remembered as the Johnny Carson of radio. He could actually speak things in a way people understood and could repeat it. He was a great teacher.”

Look, Liberty Lover. Rush Limbaugh was a complicated man. He certainly wasn’t perfect, and he had his issues. Nonetheless, he made his mark on radio and political commentary. 

One of Rush’s greatest achievements was his ability to stay in touch with his audience. He gave a lot of time taking phone calls from his listeners and hearing their thoughts. I think this made a big impact on his views. 

And whatever, you might say about him, Rush Limbaugh was a fellow with strong convictions, Liberty Lover.

Stalinists Within the Ranks of Our Navy!

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“This is actually WORSE than what the Soviets did to their military. They only tried to control the economic part of human nature. They never denied male-female roles, or the need for the most competent (high scoring) Russians to be placed in leadership roles.” – Steve Bracken

So, Liberty Lover, things just get noticeably stronger day by day. Ever since Sleepy Joe got into office, the Democrat Swampies have pulled no stops in attacking our civil liberties. 

Both the second amendment and the first are hanging on by a thread. And I’m not just being dramatic, Liberty Lover. Look how quickly Barack Obama vanquished the fourth amendment. So, the threat is real.

Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s not. According to an article I read yesterday, The Sleepy Joe administration has ordered the Defense Department to root out extremists.  

One of the most disturbing events going on with the U.S. Armed Forces is a recent USN report called Task Force One Navy. 


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Author and political commentator, Matthew Bracken, went through the recent report and found some alarming things. He said,

“Any white and/or male officer will never dare to criticize any minority subordinate. It will be automatic career death. Competent white men are going to flee the officer corps and NCO ranks in droves.”

What the heck does this mean, Liberty Lover? The only message I gather is that all white officers have been just stripped of all their power if what Bracken is saying is accurate. 

Because what’s the point of being an officer if you can’t criticize your subordinates? It’s truly backwards!

I’m not sure what the end game to all of this is, Liberty Lover. It’s all a lot of trouble to digest. However, it seems like the military is really making inclusion the only thing that matters.

Bracken also reported, 

“Totally incompetent morons will be placed in leadership and command roles from SGTs to Generals, no matter what. If planes and ships crash, then it will be a small price to pay for inclusion and diversity.”

We’ve already learned how phony this inclusion trend is. One of the greatest historical examples of this is Barack Obama. Literally over half the country went insane when he was elected for no other reason except that he was the first black president. 

And he was a totally awful president. In fact, I believe he was one of the worst. He was totally inexperienced, had no convictions, and was easily swayed to do the Deep State’s bidding.

I think a similar thing is happening here. The D.C. Swampies, most of whom are Democrats, want to take away a shred of honor that’s left in the military. They want to replace the officers who hold on to some of America’s most treasured values of patriotism with mere opportunists.

But more disturbingly, they want to replace officers with years of experience with people who have no experience in leadership! The only qualification is that you’re not white and/or you’re gay/transgender. Literally, I’m not joking.

Brackman points out in one of his final points,

“Serving senior and flag rank officers who sign off on this identity-politics-driven Marxist insanity only care about finishing their careers and grabbing their pensions, and they don’t give one small damn about their units being utterly annihilated in a future war.”

So, here’s what we need to do, Liberty Lover. We need to spread this message far and wide. We need to let people know what is happening to the U.S. Armed Forces. 

Because they’re being dismantled as we speak. We can’t allow experienced and honorable Navy officers to be replaced with weak, inexperienced opportunists.

So, Liberty Lover, I hope you enjoyed reading today’s newsletter even though some of the content might be hard to stomach. I’ll be here as always as your favorite editor and chief.

Love from your favorite Blonde Bombshell,


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