What really happened to Tiger Woods

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Hello, Liberty Lover. In today’s news:


  • A special original article by the great Tom Luongo about what they are NOT telling us — the bogus new stimulus bill…

So, Liberty Lover. I was pretty shocked when I heard Tiger Woods, the world’s greatest golf player of all time, was rushed to the emergency room after a near fatal car accident. 

It was really troubling news to hear. One of my favorite treats growing up would be riding around on the golf course with my papa on Saturdays. 

And my grandad loved Tiger Woods. If he were alive today, he’d be thrilled to know that Tiger made it out okay.

Reports have now come in about what exactly happened. It was just yesterday morning in Los Angeles.

Tiger was in town for the Genesis Invitational golf tournament. And the hotel which Woods was staying at was also where a big TV production was also being filmed.

This is important because a TV/film director apparently saw Woods minutes before the accident happened. He said that Woods was in such a hurry that he almost hit him.

Woods was evidently high strung about the tournament according to people who saw him shortly before the accident.

According to the TV director, Woods seemed upset because his car was being blocked at the hotel by another car which was loading luggage.

The film director and other crew members said once Tiger was no longer blocked by the other vehicle, he flew off like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible.

Tiger was supposed to arrive at the Riviera Golf Course by 7:30 AM for a photo shoot or something like that. Apparently, that’s what had him so stressed out, Liberty Lover.

An officer named Deputy Carlos Gonzalez knew Woods was badly hurt the minute he arrived on scene. Afterwards, he even admitted that he was surprised that Woods made it out alive at all. 

Fortunately, sources say that Woods’s only injuries were a shattered ankle and compound leg fractures.

So, it looks like Tiger Woods has made it out of yet another tragedy, Liberty Lover. We all know it wasn’t his first, and it might not even be his last.

Yet he’s still alive…

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I find this to be a very inspirational story. Look… I know Tiger Woods isn’t perfect.

Like many celebrities, he’s had his struggles and demons that he’s had to battle with.

However, Tiger Woods is one of those guys who never accepts defeat. And this is the kind of spirit we need, Liberty Lover.

See… Times seem dark to me now that the Democrat Swampies have control over all of our government.

But I think if Tiger were to give any of us Liberty Lovers any advice, he would say,

“Just keep keepin on, Liberty Lover. You might think victory is far away, but it’s much closer than you realize.”

So, Liberty Lover. I’m glad Tiger Woods made it out okay, and I hope to see him back on the golf course again some day soon!

Who Really Built Those Cages? Don Jr. Spills the Beans

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So, Liberty Lover. I’ve got friends who just can’t listen to reason.

What I mean by this is…

I remember back a couple of years ago when there were immigrant children from Mexico being kept in facilities which housed the poor things in cages.

I thought this was awful. And I think Trump should have done more to help these kids.

But everyone was flipping out and acting like Trump committed the most gruesome human rights violation in all of history. I mean, people were actually calling him Hitler.

Like I said, I agree that it’s pretty bad. However, it wasn’t Trump who built the cages! It was Emperor Obama and Zombie Joe!

So, my question is, 

“Why the heck do people let Obama and Zombie Joe slide on everything?”

I don’t expect you to know, Liberty Lover… I’m just expressing my thoughts.

But in his new video, Don Jr. points out that the video evidence we have of officials walking through these detention centers which everyone was raving about were in fact from the Obama administration. 


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That’s right. You heard me correctly. The Lamestream media knowingly lied and gaslighted the entire country about who really built these detention centers for immigrant kids. 

Don Jr. says in the video,

“Now that Biden is in charge… We get to see a whole new narrative once again! For example, the WP is now talking about ‘migrant facilities’ for children.”

So, essentially what’s going on here is the Lamestream media is once again trying to lie and manipulate the public! Literally, all they have to do is give these cages a new name. And voila! Everyone seems to forget and not care.

It’s almost like Zombie Joe is turning other people into zombies also. 

What’s crazy is that the Washington Post totally took a 180 degree turn on the subject now that Biden is in charge. Instead of calling out Biden, they simply give him a pass and come up with a new word for cages.

It’s totally bogus, Liberty Lover.

So, Liberty Lover, we must wake up our fellow citizens about how the Lamestream media is lying to us all. They want to keep children in cages forever and continue to lie to us all about it.

It’s been great sharing my thoughts with you today. But I’ve got one special treat for you before I sign out, Liberty Lover.

One of our favorite writers, Tom Luongo, blessed Daily Liberty News with allowing us to publish his most recent article, The New Normal – Taxation Without Representation.

Tom really went on a deep dive with this one.

Personally, as you probably know, I’m a big history buff. I LOVE history. And Tom Luongo uncovers some fascinating information about American history, and where we might all be heading.

The recent stimulus bill might seem good to some Americans on the surface, but in his new article, Tom uncovers a radical agenda that could put us all in bondage.

So, I don’t want to frighten you, Liberty Lover. But it’s a fascinating read. I hope you enjoy it!

Love from your favorite Blonde Bombshell,

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The New Normal – Taxation Without Representation

Special to Daily Liberty News – original article by Tom Luongo

The Revolutionary War began as a tax revolt.  The country it spawned may end with a similar event.

The colonists of the 1770’s parlayed the phrase, “Taxation without Representation,” into a rallying cry which ended with the birth of a new nation after five years of war.

We all know the story.  The U.S. was the first nation founded on Enlightenment principles of popular sovereignty, in opposition to the hereditary rule of kings.

Less than two hundred and fifty years later, however, the U.S. is headed, in my opinion, towards a similar fate as those kings of Europe.  

In a recent blog post economic adviser Martin Armstrong made the very salient point that with the return of the Democrats to complete power in Washington the two states Americans are fleeing from in record numbers, New York and California, are the two states leading the policy agenda.

With Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) these two states, are ruling those who don’t wish to be ruled by them.  

Their $1.9 trillion stimulus bill is a massive tax on future production and just one example of this unsustainable rule. This is money that doesn’t exist, and they will issue debt for.  That debt is an obligation on the lives of future Americans yet to be born.

This is the essence of debt-slavery, birthing people into bondage and obligation without their consent.

It is the height of tyranny.

The Height of Tyranny

And yet, none of the High Priests of Fiscal Orthodoxy questions this because there are no principles governing their thinking, only the application of power.

Don’t think I object to this stimulus in particular but favor other government debt, because I’m not.  All government debt is, in effect, an invitation to debt slavery.  But there is a big difference philosophically between the first dollar of debt and the $28th trillion.

That first dollar, one could argue, is being taken on by the very people who will pay it back.  It’s their debt, not the debt of their children, or in our case, grandchildren.

But the $28th trillion dollar?  That debt isn’t being paid back by the Gerontocracy on Capitol Hill who are the ones forcing it onto the people. 

Further, make no mistake, this debt will be paid on but not back.  And the primary payers will be the political opponents of New York and California; those who produce the wealth of this nation, not the collapsing hyper-financialized casino-owners on Wall St. and tech companies now actively fleeing Silicon Valley.

When looked at this way is there any real difference between taxes levied today and the taxes on tea imposed by King George in the 18th century?

In many ways these new taxes mirror the Tariff of Abomination that was also at the heart of another war for secession, that which is known as the American Civil War or what I hear described here in the south as “The Recent Unpleasantness.”

To pay for this latest round of fiscal madness, no less mad, by the way, then what we saw under Donald Trump, the Biden administration wants to raise taxes on the very thing – investment and production – which could, in theory, actually pay for it.

Trump Tried To Correct Mistakes

At least Trump cut taxes and invited capital back to the U.S. while he spent money in ways that would make drunken sailors look sheepish.

At least Trump understood that investment in productivity produces long-term employment and that taxing that at lower levels encourages this behavior.

By contrast, in her first major policy statement as Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen advanced four talking points which support the exact opposite.

  1. Raise the corporate income tax back to 28%, after it was cut to 20% by Trump.  
  2. Raise capital gains taxes as well, punishing investors for sharing in the wealth generated by their investments.
  3. Move to a Digital Dollar
  4. Potentially implement a Wealth Tax – a tax on unrealized stock gains.

The first two points are there to encourage the buyers of this new debt that there will be enough money coming in to pay the coupons.  

Since the U.S. is indebted up to its grandchildren’s eyeballs this seems reasonable.  But, of course, the problem is that raising investment taxes, at the same time, retards investment, and exacerbates the problem which has plagued us for the whole of the 21st century, falling money velocity.

Failed Promises

And Janet Yellen knows this.  She spent most of her time at the Federal Reserve combatting falling money velocity… badly, I might add.

Yellen also knows that it is the private sector that is more capable than the government in directing capital to where it is most needed and can be most effective.  

So, this begs the question, if she knows these things why would she advocate for these policies which she knows won’t be successful?  

If Yellen knows that raising taxes and going farther into debt isn’t likely to create the kind of sustainable recovery the U.S., and by extension, the world needs in the wake of COVID-19, why go along with the insanity promoted by Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer?

Occam’s Razor

Occam’s Razor leads us to two possible answers.  The first answer is simple.  Janet Yellen is an idiot.  I’m not sure I buy that, but it’s far preferable to the other answer.

Because the second answer is that these taxes are part of a planned destruction of the middle class which began with the Coronapocalypse lockdowns and ends with making the U.S. an economic wasteland to satisfy the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset.

Following that train of thought leads us to the conclusion that the entire point of our current government is to weaken the U.S. economically and radicalize us politically to subordinate it to the whims of foreign powers, namely China but more specifically the European Union.

And that leads me back to my original assertion that most of the U.S. now, namely the states that voted for Trump in November, are in a very similar to that which led to the country’s formation, taxation without representation.  

Only today it is our Congress in Washington enforcing taxing and regulatory policies which benefit the rulers of Europe by proxy rather than being literal subjects of a British king.

This is a Congress that is openly calling its political opposition ‘domestic terrorists.’  Democratic members of the House are openly pressuring cable and streaming services to drop conservative news outlets like Newsmax, OANN and even Fox News from their distribution platforms.  

The January 6th Capitol ‘riot’ is still being used like 9/11 to advance an agenda of division and fear to hound political enemies and stifle dissent.  

Final Thoughts

The Biden administration continues to ‘work with’ the big tech firms to stifle all dissent against the COVID-19 vaccines, any suggestion of election fraud or anything else it finds an inconvenient truth countering its hollow cries for ‘unity.’

But at its heart this is a government that is acting increasingly like it knows it is illegitimate and will do everything in its power to punish the states which are most likely to oppose its agenda.

And that means we are headed for the same kind of moment the Southern states faced with the election of Lincoln in 1860 and the colonists faced before them.  Do they openly defy a failing government demanding undeserved tribute in ever-greater quantities or do they succumb to the inevitable collapse?

That question won’t be answered this year or even at the 2022 mid-terms.  But it’s a question more people are asking every day that this New Normal fails to Build Back Better for those left without a voice.