Papers please – DC today, the nation tomorrow?

US army elite members

This is how martial law starts…?

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Hello there, Liberty Lover. In today’s news:


So, Liberty Lover. Before we begin, I want to share a quick story that I’ve been meaning to share for a while…

I remember when I was only eight years old. My grandparents took me to visit Washington D.C.

See, when I was a little kid, I knew about everything about American history. And I could name every president! In fact, my dream was to be president one day.

Even maybe someday maybe I still will run for POTUS. That childhood dream has never really left me, Liberty Lover.

I remember the first time I saw the Declaration of Independence. My papa was with me. He turned to me and he said,

“Ashleigh. This is the most important piece of paper known to man. Here is where George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and all the greatest patriots in history declared war on the evil wicked king of England to find the greatest nation ever.”

So, Liberty Lover. This has stuck with me ever since. I’ve never forgotten the lesson my papa taught me here.

So, I bring this up because Washington D.C. in just the matter of one year looks like the center of a military dictatorship! 

And Liberty Lovers like yourself might find trouble being able to visit Washington D.C. from here on out.

No kidding…

It’s almost as if the events in January with the Capitol riot were planned so the Democrat Swampies could further expand their control of the U.S. Armed Forces.

An excerpt from an article at really proves my point here. It reads,

“Washington should not become the mirror image of a Third World capital under siege. Some level of military presence clearly is in order, at least until the threat of more rioting is put to rest. But the size of that presence should not exceed those of Afghanistan or Iraq, where American troops continue to come under fire.”

That’s right, Liberty Lover. When I first read this article, I thought I read these words incorrectly. But I didn’t. We have roughly the same amount of troops deployed right now in Washington D.C. that we do in Afghanistan!

If you’ve read our newsletters before, Liberty Lover… Then you probably know how I feel about Afghanistan. I say we need to bring our troops home and mind our own business.

But I don’t want to meander from my point…

Another excerpt from the article at reads,

“The DOD has indicated that after March 15 it will downsize the Guard presence, although not by much. Five thousand troops will remain in the District of Columbia indefinitely. That troop level, consisting of both Army and Air National Guard members, is equivalent to the combined total of forces currently operating in both Afghanistan and Iraq.”

Consider everything that is happening right now, Liberty Lover. What if the virus gets worse? What if more things like the event at the Capitol in January continue to transpire this year?

Don’t think that the Democrat Swampies aren’t trying to plan something to turn D.C. into a tighter controlled area. 

So, Liberty Lover. We must make sure to vote the Democrats out of office in the next election. We must also support all state and local politicians resisting the Deep State, Democrat Swampie agenda.

Otherwise, we will find that we really do live in a military dictatorship. And we’ll never get to vist the relics that all of us Liberty Lovers treasure so much like the Declaration of Independence. 

We mustn’t let them take it from us, Liberty, Lover. 

Don Jr. Says, “Mitt Romney Is A Cheerleader For the Democrats.”

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So, Liberty Lover, you probably know Mitt Romney didn’t vote for Trump in 2020. 

That’s okay. I’m not saying you gotta vote Trump, Liberty Lover. That’s not the message we send people at Daily Liberty News.

But we are ready to call out a Swampie when we see one. And I think Mitt Romney really is a Swampie.

Because reports have come in that Romney has indeed voted twice to impeach President Trump.

All this buffoonery about impeachment is wasting time, Liberty Lover. Mitt Romney is clearly trying to gain some favors with his Democratic colleagues.


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In a new video, Don Jr. points out that when President Trump released a stimulus plan back in December before he left office, Romney was quick to attack the president’s plan. However, Romney has mostly been quiet about anything Zombie Joe puts on the table. 

Let’s remember how Romney said Trump’s stimulus bill was “too expensive”.

But as Don Jr. points out here,

“Romney seemed to be fine with Biden’s two trillion dollar stimulus plan released last week. Or whatever the number was.”

It is something pretty ridiculous. And Don Jr. digs even deeper into Senator Romney’s true ambitions. 

He points out that the real reason Mitt Romney is a Republican is that Utah is the second most conservative state in the country. He literally has no choice but to run as a Republican.

Don Jr. also draws the conclusion that if it weren’t for Romney’s failed presidential run in 2012, then we might not have had Donald Trump as president.

While I wasn’t a supporter of a lot of things Trump did, I have to say, I like him way more than Mitt Romney or the Democrat Swampies, Liberty Lover.

Don Jr. makes a funny joke about this in the video and says,

“We Honestly have to thank him for being so bad.”

So, Mitt Romney has shown his true colors, Liberty Lover. He would rather have the love of the Democrat Swampies, then actually support the people of Utah.

So, Liberty Lover, what we need to do is spread the news about Senator Romney’s corruption. We need him voted out of office.

And when we replace him, we need to make sure that it’s a true Liberty Loving conservative, not a weak pawn which will do the bidding of the establishment.

So, Liberty Lover, Ashleigh Dunn, your favorite editor and chief, is signing out.

Love from your favorite Blonde Bombshell,


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