DeSantis says ‘lockdowns don’t work.’ Is he nuts?

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And a powerful shadowy group wants us all locked down forever…

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Hello there, Liberty Lover. In today’s news:


I really don’t like these lockdowns, Liberty Lover. And I’ll tell you why…

When I was a little girl, I had a really abusive uncle. One time when I had to stay with him over the weekend, he locked me in a room for the WHOLE forty-eight hours I was with him. It was absolutely cruel. I was only eleven years old!

When this happened, my parents pressed charges against him. We haven’t been in contact with him since.

What I’m saying, Liberty Lover, is that I hate confinement. In fact, I have claustrophobia which I think stems from this event. I can’t stand being locked up in a small space. I think it’s my worst nightmare.

And now, Liberty Lover, there is a group of people that actually WANT to be locked down. Can you believe this hocus pocus? It’s almost as if they’re fond of being on lockdown. So weird…

It’s like they want to say,

“Yes, master. I’ll do whatever you say.”

It’s like a sick game of Simon Says if you know what I’m talking about.

But I don’t want to get too far from the point, Liberty Lover. 

There’s actually an activist group, if you can call them that, which believes the exact opposite of what I believe about lockdowns.

I think lockdowns are bogus. But they think lockdowns haven’t gone far enough! In other words, they want more. They’re called ZeroCovid.

A quote from an article at says regarding this phony activist group,

Rather than acknowledge to a weary public that their approach has been a failure, they are doubling down and attempting to save their reputations by claiming that the problem is not that lockdowns do not work, but that they have not gone far enough.”

It’s totally crazy, Liberty Lover. It’s almost too ridiculous to be true. Basically this sums up what these pro-lockdown nuts want:

  • Stricter border controls (imagine not being able to leave your state)
  • Mass testing (think of all the false positives there will be)… 
  • Contract tracing (aka your government spying on you)


  • Mandatory mask wearing…

But I want to end things on a bright note, Liberty Lover. One of my heroes, Governor of Florida, Rick DeSantis, came out this weekend and said in a town hall meeting,

“Lockdowns don’t work. If you look at places like New York, some of their counties per capita actually have more cases than Florida.”

So, Liberty Lover. Don’t let all this anti-freedom agenda get you down. Because there is a resistance to the madness. So, join the resistance with us, Liberty Lover.

Jailed For Free Speech

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Something I’m confused about, Liberty Lover, is who really holds the keys to the kingdom of power in our world.

What I mean is, things seem so backwards. So, you know how powerful Big Tech has become, right? 

So, I thought Big Tech were the true rulers of the world. Of course, this is all very recent. Big Tech’s true rise to massive control of our society is very recent.

Yet they are being summoned by the U.S. government, who I thought they had leveraged power over, to increase censorship on their platforms. 

I’m just confused, Liberty Lover. I thought Big Tech was pulling the strings behind every major power move nowadays. And maybe they still are. Maybe this is just all a staged performance…

But in a new brilliant publication by Glen Greenwald, he writes, 

For the third time in less than five months, the U.S. Congress has summoned the CEOs of social media companies to appear before them, with the explicit intent to pressure and coerce them to censor more content from their platforms.”

But it gets even more bizarre Liberty Lover…

Greenwald says that Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, and a top Google executive will be interrogated by the House Energy and Commerce Committee next month.


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The Big Tech emperors will be essentially “interrogated” about “misinformation” which they say is “plaguing” social media platforms.

A quote from a Commerce Committee chairperson says, 

“We must begin the work of changing incentives driving social media companies to allow and even promote misinformation and disinformation.”

While reading this article, it is not difficult to see that the Democrats really hate free speech and want to dismantle it totally. It was plain to see to begin with. But now, the curtain has been totally lifted.

If the Democrat Swampies were to have their way, Liberty Lover, the internet would become a privilege, not a right.

And furthermore, if you say anything that they disagree with, you’ll lose your privilege to use the internet all together. 

But on a more disturbing level, people are mysteriously disappearing and being labeled as white supremacists and terrorists more by the day. If you disagree with the Democrats, they want to throw you in the gulag.

Remember, Liberty Lover, all those folks being snatched up in Portland last summer?

All the lefties blamed Trump, but it seems they suffer from amnesia. It was Barack Obama who repealed the right of every American citizen to a fair and speedy trial.

That’s right. Barack Obama, who had a constitutional law degree from Harvard University, repealed the fourth amendment! You can be locked up indefinitely thanks to him and the other Swampies.

So, Liberty Lover, these are crazy times. You’ve got freedom loving fighters like Governor Rick DeSantis, and then you’ve got Swampies like Zombie Joe who want to burn the First Amendment to a crisp. 

It’s like the gods are above us all are battling it out right now. Never has humanity been in such a polarizing time. 

History has seen some crazy events like World War II, but really nothing compares to what’s going on right now.

This is the greatest battle for liberty ever in history, Liberty Lover. And I’m calling on you to join in.

So, I’ll be doing as always what I do best which is speaking truth to power. Asheligh Dunn, your favorite editor and chief is signing out.

Love from your favorite Blonde Bombshell,


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