Head of Facebook busted in hotel room allegedly meeting kid

And: Kamala tweets anti USA sentiments in Farsi 


Hi Liberty Lovers. Ashleigh Dunn here. The Canadian cops have started rounding up the convoy organizers. They’re also seizing people’s assets, including their crypto. I think this is only going to make the protestors even stronger. 

Today’s featured story:

Facebook top exec busted allegedly trying to meet underage boy in a hotel room. These pedo reptiles just can’t help themselves 

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Additional stories for you:

Police arrest freedom convoy leader


Memo shows Biden doesn’t see border surge ending any time soon 


Kamala Harris tweets anti American sentiments and CRT woke nonsense… in Farsi. Can she get any more CRINGE!? 


Ted Cruz on why Biden is the worst President for the Ukraine crisis. I think he’s just the worst President… ever 


The climate fascists are coming for your classic cars 

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