Putin just made Joe Biden look like a fool

And: Freedom convoy organizer denied bail 


Hi Liberty Lovers. Ashleigh Dunn here. The lady who organized much of the truckers protests is now in prison without a chance of parole. She probably did most of the work on Facebook. Now this woman, and mother, is a political prisoner. Tyranny! 

Today’s featured story:

4 Million French had their vax pass expire because they aren’t boosted 


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Trucker says Canadian police who arrested him acted like “keystone cops” and were “dumb as hammers” 


Is Iran kicking Biden’s a$$ at the nuclear talks? 

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Google maps location of freedom donors posted online 


Freedom convoy organizer denied bail. Also she can’t fly home if she wanted to because she’s not jabbed, and has no money to rent a car because Trudeau froze it all 

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Putin’s end game may be to look Biden look stupid. Joe really doesn’t need his help 


Tim Pool: Mask insanity ends proving how stupid and useless it was in the first place 


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Shocking scary stories from the ER

Hey, Matt Cook here, and recently I had to take my wife to the ER for an X-ray and it was total bedlam…

Almost every seat in the place is taken, and tons of sick people crowd all around the walls and doorways, jockeying for space.

Nurses are running around chaotically and all you can hear is frantic voices, angry voices…

Patients are being wheeled out in beds and left in the hallways.

Everything is a mess, and it’s clear that patients aren’t getting the care and attention they deserve.

Being there was one of the worst experiences of my life and exactly why I try to avoid hospitals as much as possible.

And this isn’t just my experience, it’s happening in hospitals all over the country.

Here’s one woman’s awful, awful story about her mother that shines a light on what is really going on inside hospitals right now…

“My mom was just discharged yesterday after being admitted for Covid! She was very sick and weak and we called an ambulance on January 7.

My mom called me several times telling me how they were treating her. Was sobbing and BEGGED me to get her out of there.

Nurses were rude and mean.

She met with nutritionists one morning, was asked what she wanted to try to eat.

Had not had food for days.

She requested a smoothie at breakfast, lunch and again at dinner….it never came and it was never ordered! Doctor checked!

She was too weak to get up for bathroom, requested bed pan, used it then waited over 30 minutes to be cleaned up.

Requested another bed pain, it never came. She couldn’t help herself. Nurse yelled at her.

She was having a lot of pain in her left foot. Begged nurses to help with that, pain meds, rub foot, was told they had too many patients to rub her foot!

They never put on those expandable bags on her legs that they use for patients that are stuck in beds to prevent blood clots. Her foot was hurting for days!

Nurse came one day to ask if she wanted to be bathed, mom was feeling too weak to do it and asked if they could come back later –was told they had 5 other patients and that she would not be receiving a bath AT ALL! 

She was wearing a rubber bracelet that said TRUMP on it when she went to the ER. 

While being checked in, 2 of the employees were standing by her talking and putting on her hospital bands.

My mom could barely hold open her eyes or move.

One of them grabbed my mom’s wrist and said to the other in a nasty way “TRUMP! And I risk my life for this?!”

My mom was sobbing as she told me that she reached her hand over and flipped over the bracelet so no one else would see it because she was afraid of how other staff would treat her.

They asked her if she was vaccinated, she said no, they rolled their eyes!

God I wish I could’ve been there to be her voice!

Who cares if she supports TRUMP! Has nothing to do with being a decent human!

Do your job! Don’t mistreat patients because you don’t agree!

My mom kept telling me her foot was hurting so badly. 2 of her toes were dark purple, she said it felt like it was frozen.

Her breathing started to get fast and hard. Doctor said it sounded like blood clot!

I called 911. They found a clot in her artery in her left leg, THAT SHE COMPLAINED ABOUT FOR DAYS!

They rushed her to surgery and put in a clot buster and are giving her meds to break it up.

Nurse said it’s more dangerous than a clot in the vein and she could lose her foot, leg or worse!

And I can’t go see her because of covid!”

This story is crazy! It’s awful and haunting, and somehow I’m hearing similar stories from different people every day.

So I’m doing everything in my power to help my friends and family avoid the need for hospitals.

And the key to avoiding the need for hospitals is to strengthen your natural immunity. 

Here’s everything you need to know to stay healthy and strong and hopefully avoid the need for hospitals anytime soon — share this with your loved ones.


–Matt Cook