WEF pushes mark of the beast digital passport for everyone

And: 46 million illegal born aliens in America today 


Hi Liberty Lovers. Ashleigh Dunn here. There’s been a lot of talk about civil war in the last few years. And as much as the little warrior in me would love to kick some villain butt, a war isn’t ideal. War would have no winner. It would absolutely destroy America, killing millions, leading to mass starvation, and leave us open to attack from all of our enemies. No, we need a better way to save freedom and democracy. 

Today’s featured story:

The New York Times (the holy grail of leftie journalism) reports the CDC is withholding crucial data on the vax damaged. Will anyone care?  


Additional stories for you:

Tyrannical hypocrite Trudeau says he will stand up against Russian authoritarianism with sanctions while he oppresses his own people 


Under Biden 1.6 million new illegal born aliens in America this year. Total of 46 million  


The World Economic Forum proposes a “mark of the beast” digital passport that will control your entire life 


A civil war would absolutely destroy life for everyone in America. Here’s why

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Massacre as great white shark allowed to compete in women’s 500 freestyle (Babylon Bee)

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Men only: Is your toilet paper secretly destroying your health as a man?