Russia invades Ukraine

And: So many athletes are collapsing it’s impossible to ignore 


Hi Liberty Lovers. Ashleigh Dunn here. Such a sad, scary day. Our hearts go out to Ukraine, to the Russian soldiers, to everyone who has to fight in a war that should never have happened. Let’s hope it’s over quickly, and doesn’t escalate into something much scarier. 

Today’s featured story:

Russia declares war on Ukraine and begins assault from three sides 

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Additional stories for you:

Famous athlete demands answers to why so many players are collapsing on the field 


US Postal service buys a lot of gas fueled trucks pissing off the climate commies 


Bill Gates allegedly developing a vaccine that spreads like a virus

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Following Russian invasion of Ukraine, oil soars past $100 a barrel. That mean gas is about to get even more expensive 


The Russian campaign may just be another Globalist power play 


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