Scientists spoke out on Wuhan leak but were told to shut up

And: Philadelphia prepares its citizens for car jackings 


Hi Liberty Lovers. Ashleigh Dunn here. Remember when it was 2 weeks to flatten the curve? It’s 2 years later, and many countries have become dystopian nightmares, and now Bill Gates is predicting yearly jabs for life. This MUST END. 

Today’s featured story:

Biden pleads with social media giants to censor and oppress us more


Additional stories for you:

Emails show scientists long suspected the Wuhan lab leak theory but feared discussing it because it would disrupt “international harmony” and hurt the name of science


Totalitarian Australia is going to deport Novak Djokovic for being a dirty and defiant pureblood

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In Dem run Philadelphia, Police release a “Guide to surviving a car jacking” 


Vax profiteer Bill Gates predicts and salivates at the thought of yearly boosters 


Cancel Culture is coming for the Vikings (The team, not the actual Vikings) 

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