Sneaky FBI refuses to discuss their involvement Jan 6th

And: James O’keefe may be assasinated? 


Hi Liberty Lovers. Ashleigh here. I just want you to know, that like James O’keefe, if I suddenly stop posting stories… I probably just slept in, or took a day off. Don’t worry. 

Today’s featured story:

Traitorous FBI refuses to deny they “allegedly” had instigators everywhere, provoking violence and chaos on Jan. 6th 

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Additional stories for you:

Triple jabbed Governor “not doing well…” with Rona


James O’keefe of Project Veritos has this message for you: “I’m not suicidal… I love my life.” 


Globalist shill Howard Stern gets butthurt about about unjabbed tennis star Djokovic being allowed to play 


Airplanes grounded on the west coast after launch of N. Korean missiles 


Canadian grandmother forgets her vax pass, gets denied service by fascist Mcdonalds

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