Ukrainian Prime Minister and Sean Penn hang out while Russia Invades

And: Is an economic collapse innevitable 


Hi Liberty Lovers. Ashleigh Dunn here. I was thinking now that Russia got their hands on Ukraine, is this going to inspire China to attack Taiwan? Did you know that delicious treat called bubble tea was invented in Taiwan? Is that why they want it so bad? Or is it because 92% of the world’s microchips are built there? No, it’s probably the bubble tea.  

Today’s featured story:

Prime Minister Zelensky of Ukraine finds time to chat with Sean Penn while his country is annihilated 

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Additional stories for you:

With Ukraine under seige, China salivates over Taiwan 


Fake news MSNBC even wonders why Biden isn’t harsher on Russia 


General Flynn releases statement that Ukraine “Invasion was totally avoidable”


Is it really time to prepare for economic collapse or worse? 

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Biden makes confusing statement about how sanctions won’t stop Putin… but they totally will

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