Was Newsom sick from the jab? Are they lying?

Also today: great news for college dropouts like me


Hey there Liberty Lovers. Ashleigh Dunn here with your antidote to left wingism today. 

Remember when the mainstream media went into overdrive trying to convince us that Governor Newsom wasn’t sick from the Jab, when he disappeared for 11 days from all public view? 

Then they claimed he was spending time with his family…then they said he was at a wedding. What was he doing the other 10 or so days?

Today’s featured story:

It’s confirmed Governor Newsom was sick after getting the jab. They just keep lying and lying to us… is this really him supposedly in his first public appearance at a wedding? You be the judge.

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Additional stories for you:

Youtube is removing the ability to see dislikes on videos. They claim it’s to protect creator’s “feelings,” but it’s really to protect the reputations of woke Corporations


Biden wants to pay people illegally reaching this country $800 million dollars! Do you think this is a fair use of taxpayer dollars? And what about all of us who are following the law, who is paying us?


Men Only: This Unusual Practice lets any man have an intimate physical relationship with his wife or girlfriend even if it’s been years since he could


No degree, no qualifications! You’re hired! It’s okay! Because of staffing shortages due to ridiculous vax mandates, many companies are dropping their standards — great news for college dropouts like me! 


Breaking story: Why are all these previously healthy athletes dropping dead after getting the jab


There was a mass Rona outbreak at this concert… which was ONLY for the fully jabbed — more and more people fully jabbed are getting sick…there is an epidemic of the jabbed!

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–Ashleigh Dunn