Whistleblower exposes how the elite are normalizing blood clots

And: Get ready for the American freedom convoy 


Hi Liberty Lovers. Ashleigh Dunn here with today’s top stories. It seems like the future is going to be blood clots, heart attacks, and more blood clots. It’s sad, but you can’t say we didn’t warn everyone. They may call us conspiracy theorists, but hey… we’ll at least be alive and healthy.  

Today’s featured story:

Biochemist exposes how Big Pharma is using the MSM to gaslight us on jab induced blood clots and heart attacks 

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Additional stories for you:

Here’s how we can prepare for the American Freedom Convoy 

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Major Dem donors support bail fund that freed would be BLM assassin (targeting a jewish mayoral candidate) 


1 in 5 Gen Z now say they are LGBTQ


We are not useful idiots 


Funeral directors and embalmers alarmed by freakishly large blood clots in deceased 

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